Baby Kicking May Cause Queasiness! 32 Weeks Pregnant!

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Looks like Juliet might be getting a little cramped and restless in my mommy’s belly, I’m only 32 weeks Pregnant!

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Amaya Mincica says:

Son wait nevermind sorry I thought u were I feel bad

Amaya Mincica says:

Wait Sam are u getting married to a guy and leaving Nia or I'm confused I'm new to this channel so

Teri List says:

I don't feel queasy I feel clucky

Ava Susser-Stein says:

Why did Nia say that this is her 4th pregnancy?

gamegirl 101 says:

she said she was in her 4th pregnancy. did she have a miscarriage??

Lindsey Chittenden says:

Nia how far apart are Symphony and Abram in age

Rafael Licea says:

4:24 Nia said she's at her FOURTH PREGNANCY that means Nia has a secret baby we don't know about

Annabella Nunes says:

Your daughters is so cute she is also really funny

Hal Batterson says:

Why did she say four pregnancies?

Bailee Lane says:

Nia do you make your own headbands? If you buy them where do you buy them? All of them are so cute and I can't find any that are like yours!

Ericka McDonald says:


Rabia Khaleel says:

I love you Sam

The Buchanan Family says:

Oh my goodness!! Nia your bump is amazing!! I miss that feeling so much! Sam looks like you and Matt did a great job at that wedding :)

Kirsten Reddoch says:

I never understand when people do a baby shower for every baby, i only get it when its been like 5+years since you had a new baby or if its the first child.

Our Crazy Life_! says:

i love sisys outfit at3:19

Christina Espinoza says:

so how about the misacarriage

Claire Millar says:

Hi I'm new to your channel and wanted to tell you that as a fellow follower passionately walking with Jesus I really feel the presence of our wonderful God shining from you. I live in New Zealand, pretty much the ends of the earth and wanted to send you this blessing of encouragement. You are teaching the world that God is indeed Love, grace, joy,freedom and acceptance. I am so proud of you. you close your blog's saying "we love you" or " you are loved". (sorry can't quite remember). my saying is "You are blessed to be a bless." And you both truly are that. thank you, thank you for being such a mighty encouragement. God bless you both and your precious beautiful babies. #blessingsfromNewZealand

Briar OSullivan says:

Do a birth vlog

Omario Hamilton says:

OMG SAM HOW DID YOU GET YOUR FACE TO BE SOOOOOO CLEAR??? please respond I really wanna know, I'm struggling with bad acne im 17 and its kinda lowering my self confidence and esteem :/


4th pregnancy? you got Abram and Symphony where's the 3rd :)

Tanisha Stelling-leith says:

is the head band and bow maybe for a reef to go in Juliet's nursery?

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