Baby Girl Laughing Hysterically at Dog Eating Popcorn

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This Baby Girl Laughs Hysterically at her Dog Eating Popcorn. Sometimes babies laughs are so damn cute that even they can’t help it! This baby girl thinks it is so hilarious when her father feeds the family dog popcorn she can’t take it!

Whether it be their first step, first word or first wildly original dance move, toddletale is the channel that celebrates babies and toddlers doing the unbelievable and hilarious.

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Tsftm Of Ep 3 says:

Request: Klasky Csupo Laughing Hysterically at Make a AVS Video Editor Effects

Shawnti Diaz says:

I love her laugh

Lazaro Contreras says:

just warms your heart. .

Sarah Tuck says:

She is laughing so hard!! Every time I watch this I laugh for 20 min non stop I show this to my friends at school

CanadaCat TV says:

The baby is laughing because she knows that popcorn is not good for the dog and the dog might get sick…. EVIL BABY!!! Lol JK JK

wesley ogilvie says:

I dare you not to laugh within 10 seconds of the video. Who can do it?

Lord Tuki says:


rbusath says:


Marquez Jeffers says:

Oh mi God that is hands down the cutest and funniest thing I've ever seen in mi life!!!

Runluxe Faxity says:

What is so funny about that???!! But I'm laughing!! Hahahahaha LOL beacuse of that cute hilarious beautiful baby girl

Kate McMurry says:

That is one of the most wonderful sounds in the world.

S. Baker says:

I'm laughing like this baby

Heath Ezell says:

How on earth can there be 77 people that find something negative about this video. A babies laughter could cure diseases.

DJMajesty21 says:

omg i could watch this all day so cute

Derpy Hooves says:

I wish this was my daughter lol

Adelina Martinez says:

Your baby's funny

rarebliss says:

there's something about babies laughter that is both cute and creepy. Am I the only one that thinks that?

Mika M says:

this kids laugh is hilarious.

iris ignacio says:

Im gonna die laughing!

Chery Love says:

WOW 64 people hate babies

Angel of Retribution says:

This is HILARIOUS <3 absolutely love it :)
Beautiful child :)

Isaac Valentin says:

1:00 in listen closely and look at her face XD

Powerpuff Katie says:

Haha I couldn't stop laughing! How could nobody love this?

susan dahl says:

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their kind remarks on this video of our sweet grand daughter.  Ava will be 8 years old this month, and she is still the sweetest and happiest little girl.  Her daddy got her to laugh like this only one time, so it is very special to all of us.  Hope it will continue to put smiles on everyone's  faces for years to come !!  Grandma Susan

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