Baby Food Recipes | Homemade Carrots Baby Food Ideas | Linda Barry

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Baby Food Recipes | Homemade Baby Food Ideas | Linda Barry

4 carottes
1 sweet potato
~40g chicken breast
2 tbsp colza oil

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Eliza Olympia says:

Organic ? At least you are using real vegetables .. not jars with applesauses and all these craps for baby to eat .. i was boiling beef carrots potato and greens for my baby added fresh lemon juice and blender them ..she loved them .

MissCarolineKay says:

There’s no need for oil in that

Lilian Johnsion says:

please I need my baby girl to grow big and fat what can I give her and I love the way you make the food please teach me more so my girl will eat to be healthy

Oyinlola Mayowa says:

hi. can I give to my one year baby

sebel bngt crewwt bngtAndriatin Sofyan Andriatin says:

thanks your vifeo can helpme ..

Ivy Uwa says:

hi . can i give to my four month old baby

Maureen O says:

very informative thanks for sharing. do you warm the baby food in the microwave straight out of freezer or do you allow to thaw at room temperature and stand in hot water to warm?

Hashan Dilru says:

hi i make a this food .my baby girl eat a this food . tanks you

Yhs Yhs says:

Today i make this recepi and my daughter she eat.I feel so happy..Pls do more about baby food Thank you.

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