Baby food Recipe, Potato and Carrot Rice – 6 to 10 Month babies

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Learn how to make Baby food Recipe ( Potato and Carrot Rice) – 6 to 10 Month babies. Its soft and Tasty.
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Fatima bilal says:

Indians have very bad accent.

isanka nishadi says:

salt is not good for babies at all.. it's​ better to avoid giving salt and sugar as much as you can for babies

Smale Smale says:

My baby 6 months old can I give to har rice
And wat I give to har food make to hare fat she is small bat she et milk

Shakila Azad says:

if i can Blender???

Amie Laurie Von Labado says:

dont use salt below 1 year old

greeshmika Merugu says:

When i add beetroot

林亞仁 says:

You use plastic drain to porridge is not safe.

Shahana Amir says:

6 month baby ko salt nhi dete 1 yr s pahle

Amit Golwala says:

Saw bunch of videos uploaded by this YouTuber. I really appreciate the efforts she is putting in. Keep up the good work!

MonsterDump says:

As soon as she added the salt, I knew to look in the comment section.

Day Light says:

No sugar n salt for 1st 12 months
No nuts no honey
no cows (animal )milk
Not at all

Indu Mathy says:

Don't add salt for babies…and don't use plastic stainer for hot food….save her baby

radolf p says:

but i feel.. uncooked salt is dangerous..lil bit salt cm b added while cooking

Snoopty The Loopty says:

My baby tastes very good!

Health Care Malayalam says:

നിങ്ങളുടെ കുട്ടി ഇങ്ങനെയല്ലേ സംസാരിച്ച് തുടങ്ങിയത്

having fun with irish i sing and dance says:

Do not use salt.pls do not do that again.

hapinezz is wid me says:

Guys thanx to all in comment section who commented about salt i really dont know salt is dangerous for babies nd after reading comments i got thanx guys…

anu M.R says:

excuse mam my babay ku 6 month akuthu rise mix with fish kutukkalama

Fathima Farzana says:

Add little bit pinch of asfodita for that incredients in pressure cooker…it will release gas…no need to come colic for a baby…

Lynn gues says:

Salt? It's a big No No for babies

bittoo101 says:

Wy you are making is good… Great recipe… Just please dont use plastic strainer… Atleast for hot foods

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