Baby Food On A Budget – Making Your Own Purees

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We set out to discover how much homemade baby food we could make for $15. Lear more about Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches at


Afriika McKinnon says:

You lost me at the microwave. By the time this is done there are absolutely no nutrients in this food worth having… sigh. If you are going through all of this work you might as well have food that is good for your body too.

Carolyn McKenzie says:

I will admit, I wanted to click the thumbs down button because she used the microwave to cook the vegetables. However, I do like the rest of the video. I'll just use the steamer for all veggies instead of the microwave.

Aeman Khan says:

U never use microwave for baby

Annie Krauss says:

Everyone is raving about the microwave so I'll just comment on the annoying robot narrative and not using a tripod.

africanpride69 says:

Why didn't you just steam the veggies first before puree? I would never recommend using a microwave for infant food. I like your veggie mixtures, but not the way to make it.

Julia Mourdid says:

Mixing so many different ingredients for a baby starting solids is a recipe for developing allergies. Introduce one new food for three days and watch for reactions! Oranges and mango could be quite allergenic.

Noora Ali says:

Sorry I couldn't watch after she used the microwave. Especially for over 10mins!!!!!! You could've just used the oven.

lord geez says:

You just killed all the nutrients in the food with the microwave smh

Noemi Vega says:

totally stop watching after she used the microwave wtf!!!!

Tual Mang says:

bc uiuk u ing

Hilary Claar says:

You should not mix acidic fruit, sweet fruit and starchy foods all together at once. Your baby's belly probably had trouble digesting it.

Jaleesa Williams says:

Well its a great idea but im not doing all that story so

Elizabeth Aguirre says:

Where can I get those yummy pouches?

Palmina D'Alessandro says:

For all you people who are interrogating her for using a microwave : I saw a picture on my facebook newsfeed of a two year old drinking her parent's coffee. :-/  

Aneta Kudasik says:

I'm sorry but microwaving baby food is so bad :(

Yummi Pouch says:

The food processor is a Cuisinart Custom Prep 11. We've had it for about 4 years and we love it!

Mlimma says:

What kind of food processor are you using?

OnlyLadyJ says:

Yeah. .. microwave thing killed it

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