Amy Poehler Doesn’t Remember the Plot of Parks and Recreation

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Amy Poehler talks about rewatching Parks and Recreation and teaching her sons sign language and discusses her show Duncanville.

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Amy Poehler Doesn’t Remember the Plot of Parks and Recreation- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


Fred Johnson says:

Must be covid symptoms

Gia says:

I think it’s just Leslie going around collecting as many friends as possible

Gia says:

It’s ok Amy, neither do we.

Corrie Mathiowetz says:

I sped this video up to 1.5

Alyssa Black says:

I 2x everything. It has nothing to do with production and everything to do with my ability to be easily distracted and if I speed it up my brain doesn’t have time to get distracted. Also there’s so much content. Speeding it up allows me to get to more things I love.

Graeme Davidson says:

These actors are working learning lines, redoing scenes and reshoots, waiting as shots get setup, they only see the parts they in and then the film or season only comes together after editing so really unless they watch the show I would not expect any actor to truly know what's going on. Unless maybe you the main star of a movie and you had to read the script, but fast paced season pumped out year after year forget that.

Tyler Jones says:

Amy. Fucking. Poehler. Everyone.


PercussionNow says:

As an Apple fan who loves MacbookPros and Imacs I really wish apple included better cameras. We all know all of Hollywood runs on MacbookPros and they still have the same damn camera from 6 years ago, the audio quality is good.

Durkey says:

Im watching through it right now aswell. really good im on season 3

Carl Jones says:

Amy looks so cute in this video.

Paul Bunyon says:

Amp Poehler is still sexy!!

Nathan Allison says:

I sped this video up…

GlideSlidey says:

I would very much like to make love with her

Monica Monteparte says:

I wish I had watched the show when it was on after The Office. I'm watching on Netflix now and it's great.

jedi mind trick says:

For some reason this makes celebrities seem really insignificant.

Bidur Prasad Shiwakoti says:

Amy Poehler for president 😀

Food&Friends says:

When people are first learning fingerspelling, it’s common to mix up d and f since they are somewhat similar. Amy also did them incorrectly, but it’s still awesome she’s teaching her kids ASL (Amy Sign Language)!

The Singer Taryn says:

That’s okay! I know it for her!

Jenna Pilgrim says:

shoutout if you watched this episode on 1.5-2x

JR Ortega says:

We have been watching it! It does allow me to mistake!

Emily Marsh says:

She remembers NOTHING dude that’s sooo funny

Мохаммед Сулеіман says:

Amy Poehler has this charisma that turns a good or a terrible movie or TV show into a masterpiece.
Also we need a new season of parks and recreation please)

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