Amazing Baby Kicking Inside Pregnant Belly – Baby Moving Video You Must Watch | BS ch. 2018

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Baby Kicking Inside Pregnant Belly – Baby Moving Amazing Video
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Song: KSMK – Forget All
Music promoted by No Copyright Music for YouTube
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Darling_ nice says:

1:59 is weird

MØMλ PØPŦλƦŦ says:

imagine in public and just people staring at your stomach moving

goodgirl23 says:

Im 18 weeks pregnant

Kittypop123 says:

My question is how does it feel?

crystal clear says:

Wtf it's making me feel weird

XxEshana GamerXx says:

Surgery or Normal when you are born?

Mine was Normal

Faicheely Malas says:

This is cute my mom its pregnant too

Paetynn says:

Was the third to last one TWINS?!

Eve Md says:

Anyone else pregnant watching? #21weeks

Chanelle Franklin says:

that has got to feel weird

Jayden Belle says:

2:00 wtf

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