Adolf Hitler – May Posterity Remember Our Sacrifice

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What were Adolf Hitler’s goals? Here’s an excerpt from a 1932 election pamphlet that goes into detail how he planned to revitalize his broken and demoralized nation. Unlike today’s corrupt and degenerate politicians who boldly look towards the impoverished and miserable masses making one empty promise after another, Adolf Hitler kept his word and achieved everything that he said he would achieve. Germany, under the leadership and guidance of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP party, flourished and became a world superpower overnight, the classes had been abolished, and the whole broad masses of people, both peasants and noble-born aristocrats, were united under one banner, the banner of light, the banner of hope and freedom, the swastika.

What are Hitler’s Goals?

Hitler’s goals are:

Achieving freedom for the German people,

Achieving its proper place among the peoples,

Building the foundations for its ability to survive.

Hitler is convinced that freedom for the German people and its appropriate position among the peoples can be gained through entirely peaceful methods. The prerequisite is the firm and consistent leadership of German foreign policy that, combined with a corresponding domestic policy rooted in a people that once again has the will to assert itself, will convince foreign states that Germany is a valuable partner. Hitler wants to work together with states that have interests that allow, or even require, working together with Germany. Instead of emotional policies, he favors a policy of self interest, which recognizes the same factor as the driving force of the policies of all peoples.

This requires the organization of the domestic life of a people according to the principles that will best enable it to face the rest of the world, and so support the necessary foreign policy. This means replacing the system of irresponsible leadership based on decisions made by a parliamentary majority of amateurs with a system based on the personal responsibility of a capable leader, supported by the advice of experts. It means the replacement of the majority with the value of personality. It means awakening and increasing the feeling of the superiority of one’s own race. It means eliminating Jewish-Bolshevist manifestations in all areas of culture.

One may be persuaded that the same is true of the other measures Hitler plans to save countless individuals, the economy, and the entire nation. This is even more the case, since Hitler does not plan risky or amateurish experiments, but rather to follow the advice of leading and recognized experts in all areas.

The man who, because of his extraordinary knowledge and ability in all areas, was able to rise from nothing to his present position as the leader of millions in Germany, despite tremendous resistance, is perhaps the only one who has the ability to master the enormous tasks, rescuing the nation at the eleventh hour from its almost hopeless situation. Led by fate, he followed his path. It would not be the first time in history that Germany was rescued by the right man in its greatest need!

Each must therefore be aware of the responsibility that he bears if he hinders Hitler from taking the fate of the people in his hands, particularly in view of the failure of previous governments.


Chris lel says:

Germany is the heart of Europe. You cannot deny it, Germany also sits in the middle of the European continent! Without Germany, Europe is nothing, with Germany! Europe will rise higher!

Vincent Rafiee says:

Any nation built on Nationalism and Pride will prevail in the end.
But no, I am not a nationalsocialist. But it is my conviction so far in life, that Nationalism will help the people and the young generation to live a happier life.

WastedJim84 says:

Our countries FUCKED UP! We defeated the wrong ennemy, Hitler tried to save us all :'(

mike casanave says:

70 odd years of BULLSHIT are coming to an end. One day soon, Adolph Hitler will be remembered with a completely different attitude to the one we have today. Hitler was our Savior. Only Eisenhower comes close to a true leader and only because he warned us all about the takeover of our lives by the Military Industrial complex run by the 1%. Massive discord is our world today thanks to that yankee loving ego maniac CHURCHILL. Although the Waffen ss is a thing of the past, their LOYALTY and HONOUR are respected today by a VAST majority of people that are only now waking up to the horror that has invaded our beautiful countries thanks to our current leaders. Scum that should be hung from the nearest tree. I look forward with glee to the coming events that will finally leave the VOLK in charge once and for all time. NATIONALISM is on the rise all over Europe. This time it will be us and the Russians against that devil called the US of gun crazy America. Hopefully now that Trump is in power we shall either see a reversal of the past 70 years, or all out civil war will break out in our countries. Can't wait to see those politicians heads, that are only interested in self, on pikes lining the road side. A beautiful image indeed.

Agne Gustafsson says:

waffen ss hail,hail,hail

Agne Gustafsson says:

so beautiful

NooZzleZ says:

What is this? Why are people worshipping Hitler?

Lanfdlj Nkldgfsngjkl says:

Th movement lives

Alt Right Pepe General Franco says:

I love these speeches but the best ones are that which contrast The Leader's speeches with the rapefugee invasion and social degeneracy of the (((modern day)))

Shirley Ybarra says:


Alezar Bergson says:

Be aware the FBI has been notified about this video promoting evil nazi hate speach and my lawyer will be contacting you about the lawsuit I have filled in the near future Shalom

Shirley Ybarra says:


Shirley Ybarra says:


onnousauraitmenti says:

My god
Ty SO much!!!
So beautifull that I cried, hope people wake up
Sieg Heil brothers

Truth WillOut says:

Another beautiful video from Esoteric Truths!! Vielen Dank und Heil Euch allen!! Am Ende steht der Sieg!!

Himler Sphere says:

From South India!

Himler Sphere says:

Heil Our FUHRER!

Leon Schlecht says:

mehr davon !!!!!

AdoIf Hitler says:

I approve of this message.

History says:

Good work my friend!

EUROPA says:

What wonders we could have achieved were the germans to win WW2. Instead we have degeneracy, stupidity and utter madness

ExcessCongruence says:

I'm not even German but I got here at got to this conclusion by looking around me! History is written by the victors and is a lie! Sieg Heil!

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