#ad Dr. Freda from Pfizer Gives Healthy Pregnancy Tips

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tarawrr20 says:

Called my OB for a prepregnancy checkup and I got flat out denied. Told I had to wait 3 months for an appointment, but if I got pregnant to give them a call. I couldn’t believe it.

Catherine Alex says:

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Smyrne Hawkinson says:

I didn't know you couldn't drink milk or juice. That leaves you with just water lol

Carla Yasharahla says:

And eat a peanut butter sandwich a couple of times a week …..bc that peanut allergy is NO JOKE for a child.

NYCzora says:

I'm a bit suspicious of a doctor associated with a predatory pharmaceutical company like Pfizer

divinityinmotionOG says:

“Lean meat and dairy” LMAO. Foolery. Straight up lies.

syckindahead says:

I like when she is on the show

Dej says:

I would love for Dr. Freda to be my doctor. She seems so warm and comforting.

ChynnaMonee’ says:

I have a bone to pick about these ads being played all the way through and every other clip being split in two! I do think this Dr. was great though! Very knowledgeable.

shanique joe says:

"A" is glowing shes like omg taking mental notes!! Sprinkling lots if baby dust your way

Iheart 90 says:

They must’ve told Loni to smile more lol

HIS Promises says:

The Dr is beautiful

Kenny Ray says:

Healthy information and I will share with my daughter

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