Ab Workout After Pregnancy – Postpartum Abs Exercises – Diastasis Recti Safe Workout

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Reintroduce core strengthening safely and effectively with 4 of the best ab exercises you can do after pregnancy. Instructed by a doctor of physical therapy specializing in postpartum care, these exercises will start to tone your stomach and strengthen your core. These are also four of the best exercises to heal diastasis recti and minimize your abdominal separation.

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DIASTASIS-SAFE CORE WORKOUT: https://youtu.be/ltoueUICjB8

First of all – CONGRATULATIONS! I’m assuming if you’re watching this video and reading this description you’ve recently welcomed a new baby into your home! I wish you peace, joy, happiness, and SLEEP as you both get to know each other.

You ladies go through so much to get these babies here; don’t discount the absolute miracle that your bodies are and the wonders they perform in growing and sustaining life.

That being said, for most of you, the last nine months have been an all-out battle that, I’m really sorry to say, your abs probably lost. While chances are that your stomach doesn’t look the same that it did pre-baby, there’s so much that you can do to get it back into shape! This workout is one of my all-time favorites to show to postpartum moms. Not only are these exercises safe, they’re incredibly effective! If you’re looking to tone your abs and tighten your stomach after pregnancy these are the PERFECT exercises to get you going.

The secret is in activating the RIGHT muscles the RIGHT way while avoiding aggressive activation of the wrong muscles. This is the fastest way to decrease postpartum stomach fat and even heal diastasis recti abdominal separation.

Before you start, it is IMPERATIVE that you have your doctor’s clearance to do so! As a super general rule – you should wait until 6 weeks post-delivery if you had a “normal” vaginal deliver and 8 weeks if there were any complications or you had a C-section. Please keep in mind these are GENERAL guidelines – you should always get the go-ahead from your healthcare provider before starting this or any other exercise program.

Diastasis recti is a separation of the rectus abdominis; one of your four abdominal muscles. This is the muscle that runs down the front of your abdomen from the bottom of your ribs to the top of your pelvis. It’s the “six-pack” muscle that is divided vertically into two halves. These two halves are joined by connective tissue that can be stretched and even torn with increased abdominal pressure. This stretching and (in bad cases) tearing is what’s known as diastasis recti.

You can get diastasis recti from any condition that causes increased stress on the connective tissue of your rectus abdominis muscle. The most-common cause that I see is in postpartum women; the pressure on the stomach from the growing fetus can cause the tearing to occur. Other factors include increased stomach fat, aggressive stomach contractions, and illness (stomach flu).

The RIGHT exercises performed the RIGHT way can have a significant effect on your diastasis recti gap. I’ve had ladies with a 4-finger separation heal up to 0-1 fingers with regular performance of the right exercises which I recommend to them.

When treating a diastasis recti condition, you want to perform activities that activate your transverse abdominis muscle. When contracted, this is the muscle that pulls your belly button in to your spine. When you’re trying to button the button on your skinny jeans – this is the muscle that helps you get there. You want to tone and strengthen this muscle to mitigate the gap between the halves of your rectus abdominis muscle and improve appearance, strength, and function.

In this “Ab Workout After Pregnancy” I’ll run you through four of the best exercises you can do to decrease your “mommy pooch” and tighten your stomach.

Postpartum abs can be difficult to deal with. Stop doing crunches, sit ups, and planks, and get to work doing some of the absolute best exercises to strengthen your stomach after pregnancy!


Tone and Tighten says:

Doing the RIGHT exercises in the RIGHT way is imperative to trimming and toning your postpartum stomach and healing your diastasis recti. Thanks so much for watching; be sure to "LIKE" this video and "SUBSCRIBE" to our channel!

Dayli Lopez says:

What about exercises about s.i joint pain and pelvic pain?

fun for toddlers says:

Hello sir, can i do running or jogging as i have DRA 10 fingers gap. And its a month ago i delivered my baby

Misty Mockingbird says:

Best demo of a pelvic tilt I've seen.

Curvin & Brenda Good says:

Hi i just found your channel. Is swimming a good/safe exercise for diastasis recti?

Mujahid Ali says:

how much time it will take to get belly back to position i really like ur exercise n i will start today itself plz reply me


Hello sir my name is malati I am from India I have 13 year old kid I suffer from diastasis when I get up my stomach bulges on the naval and it's very saggy below the naval please help me

jkhemalatha 2008 says:

Hi can u suggest.. How to reduce belly fat.. Before working to heal diastasis recti.. Bcoz I'm confused abt which workout to follow

Asma Salem says:

if i buy the program i use I one time or for ever?

Saima Bashir says:

Hi, I just started doing these excersises 2 days ago .. i notice a bit difference on the second day already so I decided to bug the mommy tummy program. Just one issue, flattening my back to perform the excercises is giving my lower back pain. I am sure i am doing something wrong but can you help point it out?

swati negi says:

Hi want to know that is any specifically time to do these excercise???like empty stomach??

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