A REAL BABY BUMP? | Preggy Vlog (16 Weeks)

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Finally, a tiny bump! I shared a clip of my NT scan (warning: uncontrollable giggles) and of course, a belly bump update. Filmed Jan 2016!
Preggy Vlog 10 Weeks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3c-w…
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I saw a lot of people asking why I’m uploading these videos “late” versus at the time I filmed them and it’s because I didn’t announce my pregnancy until I was out of my first trimester (after 12 weeks). I am posting them chronologically and they will eventually catch up very soon! Hope you’ve been enjoying these bumpdates and if you want to see my current progress, you can follow me @frmheadtotoe on Instagram and snapchat!


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Katie Rodriguez says:

Just seeing this now, I'm almost 16 weeks and your video makes me feel better! I haven't had much going on for symptoms the past couple weeks and I have a tiny bump, but not super noticeable. All these other girls on YouTube are huge already! I felt like something was wrong with me.

crown person says:

Im be 16 weeks pregnant n my bump is really big.

Sephora KC says:

Im in my second trimester and still going through some of my first trimester symptoms. The only good part is eating, I can at list eat now and stress a bit less..but sleeping is insane lol.

The Murphy Family says:

Awesome video. I just love this video

Marisol Rivera says:

I literally thought I was the only one who always weighted under 100 I've always been 93 or 92 lbs and I'm 14 weeks and 6 days and I weight 97 pounds now not much but still surprising due to me being always low in weight

Rose Sharon says:

Im 10 weeks and thats how big my belly is.

IcedCupcakes says:

Im at 16 weeks now and about the same weight as you! My starting weight was also about the same as yours. I’m just an inch taller and asian as well, hence the small build. I was a bit worried that my weight might be too low but then again i’ve always been underweight and seeing that you delivered a healthy baby makes me feel more confident about having this baby! My bump atm also looks about the same as yours :)

Chico Boussahel says:

I feel same thing!!! 1st tri really frustrating! cannot eat at all! feeling so lazy and tired. I just wanna just be alone! I cannot do any at home! 2nd tri I feel better. yey

emma watson says:

I remember being pregnant with my first I was super sick, when I found out I was about 6 weeks pregnant and I was throwing up from the minute I got out of bed to the time I went back to bed to sleep. Omg it made me so depressed and the doctor proscribed me Zofran and not even Zofran helped me!! I felt absolutely terrible! I cried every day and I ended up admitted in the hospital 3 times then I found “no to morning sickness tea”. It had made me feel so much batter …

Mau says:

I feel you girl… I feel you!

Rajibkhan Khan says:

Nice m so warried my bump is so little but now m relax

Makayla Davis says:

This pregnancy is physical exhorted. I feel sick all the time. I wanted to be patient but it was just hard. My sickness was killing me. A cup of”no to morning sickness tea” in empty stomach worked batter.

Samantha R says:

Totally rewatching your pregnancy updates because I'm expecting my first! I'm also very petite and I'm 12 weeks and weigh 86 lbs. so happy to hear someone else was in the 80's too lol !!

Brenna K Lyons says:

I just posted a pregnancy video on my channel! Congratulations!!

Ashley Gwynn says:

Hey Jen, listening to you talk about the ups and downs of pregnancy is so helpful and awesome! I'm in my first trimester, with my first baby on the way, and it's really nice to know that you felt the same way as I do so often! Thank you for sharing this with us. Xoxo

Jetra fans says:

Yes you are right

Island Mumma says:

yay, so happy to have found your channel!!!! im also pregnant for the first time- 16 weeks now. and i have been experiencing EVERYTHING you have. first trimester sucked so much, and i also slept from morning to night on and off, and then get overwhelmed! loved watching this!!

Alicia Millaire says:

I'm 16.5 weeks and my bump is so little I was worried about something being wrong and baby not growing right but seeing your bump the same size as mine!! make a me feel so much better that my bump is normal size :)
love your videos!

Kyra Slater says:

What pregnancy app is that ?

Pamela Y. says:

Hi~ I love watching your preggy vlogs! I am currently experiencing what you did at like your 5 weeks video and I guess my only solace is knowing it is common! (like you cant tell much people until your first trimester, etc.) It really does help knowing what to expect! :)) You mentioned the app in this video, what app is it?

Ramya sree says:

take care take rest

Yasmin A says:


superpurplemoon says:

Tarsier is one of the most mispronounced words here in the Philippines. There is no |sh| sound. It's tar·si·er or tär-sē-ər. Some people say tar-seer. Most people mispronounce it and say tarsheer. Your pronunciation is also correct but no one really uses the French pronunciation here. :)

Alyssa Damayo says:

Hi Jen, the Philippine Tarsier is pronounced as /tar-sheer/ hehe.. But, I really like the way you said it. :-) Love you!
One with you in waiting for the baby. :-) Excited too!! ^_^

Pen says:

Nee one ?.?

Dani B says:


Samantha Martin says:

Can't wait for more Preggy Vlog's!!! :)

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