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9 MONTHS PREGNANT BELLY… READY TO POP! // Ashley is officially full term with baby #2. Kylie is becoming a sassy two-nager. Mike busts out his new electric snow blower.


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Andrew Erickson says:

Yay! Glad you love the gifts! Super excited to meet Mia soon!

The Jais Family says:

Wow congratulations on the new baby
New subscribers may you have a wonderful safe delivery soon
Can’t wait to see the new baby

Let’s Talk says:

Gosh. Every time I see you momma belly, it so makes me want another baby!!!! Your glowing!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Gemma Tobey says:

Hi watching u. I hit your button. Hit mine too.

Diana Nova says:

That's what the doctor used to tell me when I reached 37 weeks, I was on the safe side if the baby decided to come :)! After this stage, it's just gaining more baby fat. That's great, 2cm dilated, 2nd labor and delivery should be easier they say. You got a lot of snow there, how beautiful! I love those 2 piece puzzles, my son would like it! Lol, eat samples for life :)! Those mini desserts look so good , I would end up buying all of them :)!

Mrs Mommy And More Channel says:

Y’all are so ready! That’s exciting! 2 cm yay! I can’t wait to have everything together like you said it feels so much better when have everything you need!

Kristen L Home says:

Awe you're adorable! Thank you for showing us your belly! Before we know it your lil one will be here! I can't wait to see/hear about your birth story. I'm actually going to share mine (because I wasn't vlogging when I had mine) on my channel next week. Oh my the snow is so beautiful!

Evan Brunson says:

Yay 37 weeks! I'm 37 weeks also and at 4cm dialated and I'm kinda freaking out because with my first they admitted me then. So I'm waiting to see what happens.

Sydnie Drummond says:

My belly feels huge already and I'm only 7 months !! Lol

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