8 MONTHS PREGNANT: Update and belly shot

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Here’s my latest pregnancy update which covers weeks 33-36 – and the baby’s certainly getting big! I’ve had another scan, seen her little face and freaked out a bit about the birth!! I’m also still suffering with pregnancy insomnia and heartburn but think the baby is finally starting to drop a bit – not long to go now!


Hi guys,

I’m Lauren, mum to a very active but very wonderful toddler called Sophia. I’m also currently expecting baby number two.

I feel so blessed to be a mum but admit that I’ve not found this whole parenthood thing easy! I share my highs and lows on this channel and I’m sure there will be tears along the way – but hopefully lots of smiles and laughs too!

I always love hearing from other mums/parents so please leave comments with advice or just to say hello, it’s always nice to know we’re not alone when going through certain things.

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Thanks for taking the time to watch these videos and listen to me blabbering on!

Lauren x


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