8 months old baby moving in my belly :)

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Tracy Montoute says:

that baby is so ready to come out….

Snegha Sarathy says:

wat baby boy or girl?

Milena K.E says:

Incredible !!! So sweet. I can't record mine… my little girl stops everything when i take the camera

SuketheWerewolf says:

I just found out I was pregnant about a week ago! I honestly can't wait for this to happen, but I have to ask, does it hurt at all?

Sheila Tagg says:

That's a very active baby. Beautiful

Jessica Smith says:

God is amazing.

Lisa Collins says:

wow such a beautiful belly and movements, so nice. congratulations for the baby aswell! :)

Shaina Stouffer says:

this is amazing!!!

Ashley brough says:

Wow this video is amazing my baby don't move like that he's a little bit quiet lol .

awcandy38 says:

Did you have gallbladder surgery? I did too and I have cut mark above my navel. I hope things are going well with you. :)

Anna Esther Arnove says:

Best feeling ever!

Maria Davidson says:

omg!!!! wow

Jill Last says:

I loved being pregnant. Thank you for sharing! It brought back precious memories.

pooja sikdar says:

salute all moms

Adrionna Eichler says:

its thr babay flipping over over before birth I did that too.

Umbigo Redondo says:

linda amiga

lady mayneth says:

that looks painfull is it ?

musiclover123 says:

a youtuber called J Roy stole this video and does this to lots of other people, he/she pretends to be pregnant with loads of alien babies (which is so crazy) just wanted to let you know

Carmen K. R. Montalvo says:

Q bellezaaaaa eso es lo máximo!!

Glitter4life100 says:

That's so crazy! Mine looks pretty crazy but I never get a chance to record it

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