7 most adorable ways for getting your baby to sleep | Philips

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มะลิ says:

Must be somethin wrong with my baby then

Sharlecia G says:

it does not work on my little cousin

hassan mohamed says:

not always helpful

Gayathri Rajeesh says:

sooo…. Sweett

Koodakane talaie says:

tanks. very good

Tahmina Tarin says:

my son 7 month old sleeping a little bit 10 to 20 ,mins per day also make so much late at night. I feel so much sad for this. I don't know what I do. any suggestion pls anybody

Serenity Hannah says:

thay are some cute baby's

MSDKZfan 12345 says:

I don't know why, but this made me cry for some reason. :-/

Muslim Mummy (Blogger) says:

only if they slept that quickly

Qurratu' Aini says:

They are so cute!!

CM Tapout says:

For all the new parents out there with sleepless kid, do what I did to my young son: I showed him Roman Reigns cutting a promo. My son was in a coma for weeks.

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