6 Weeks Pregnant With Twins Signs and Symptoms

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Curious to know what you may experience when you are 6 weeks pregnant with twins? Today, Nat from Twiniversity will cover 6 weeks pregnant with twins signs and symptoms and how to handle them to make your 6th week of pregnancy smoother.

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Watch 10 weeks pregnant with twins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BB5Z2Y7l5s&t=1s

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Isel Chelle says:

Thank you so much for this. I knew it was twins the way I was peeing so much very frequently. every 10 seconds I knew straight away it’s twins. I’ve been pregnant with twins before but I forgot since it’s been 7 years.

mzamie247 says:

I went to the doctor and took a blood test. I have had a miscarriage before and then no baby after that for about two years ago. So my results from my blood test was finally positive!!! I could not believe this. My levels were so high , 98.47 . So I asked my nurse to confirm what my test says and she said you are early on in your pregnancy :) what!! I couldn’t believe it!! I went home and took another pregnancy test with a clear blue test and it in fact was 2 lines!! I was speechless. I’m still speechless right now. I’m 5 weeks pregnant.

chantiqua ramsey says:

if I comment on someone's video about myself and my fiancé wanting to have twins the next person the comments on my post telling me to use WhatsApp to text somebody about doing a spell I'm gonna block you let me make that clear!

chantiqua ramsey says:

i keep having dreams of myself becoming pregnant with twins on my fiancé and i first try on conceiving.

Angelica Coleman says:

This might sound dumb but my question is if a woman has two sac does that mean im pregnant with twin because one is bigger than the other one

Ashely Sanabria says:

At 6 weeks 1 day htg level 62,146

Melissa Vickery says:

Just found out in July 5th, that I am pregnant. I AM 6 wks 1 day pregnant today. I don't believe the peeing more than normal. I could fill up a 16 oz cup when I was pregnant with my son. I also had alopecia with him, i wasn't sick until the 3rd trimester. I have noticed that I am way more tired then I was last time. I was on fertility medication for 6 months and the chance of having twins are 30-40% higher than a normal pregnancy. I definitely have been so thirsty, tired, nausea in the morning which wasn't as bad with my son

Texas Gina says:

My twin girls are 23 years old and I have three-year-old identical twin granddaughters

Patrícia Dresch says:

Great video!

Jasmine Baby says:

When I was pregnant with multiples my hcg was very high, 14 days after ovulation was 900 too days later it was 1900 and from there it triple. And of course I was pregnant with triplet. I was sick like a dog but totally worth it. Oh and I would put at 6 weeks

Nigar Serbest says:

Hi ! I just found out I am pregnant but I have a feeling it is twins. (my third pregnant) In two weeks im going to my first OBGYN to do an ultrasound.

Jedi vazquez says:

What if you are the one that you are twin yourself? Like me I am a twin with my brother.

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