6 Week Before & After Postpartum | GlowBodyPT Post Pregnancy Plan

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P S says:

Hi! I’m about 7 months postpartum….I have been doing your diastasis recti 8 minute workout and I love it, thank you so much for it. I now want to do something more intensive to get rid of a little bit of low belly pooch I still have. The only problem is that I’m very small (115lbs) and actually interested in gaining weight – would your 12 week program still work for me? P.S. You’ve helped me so much – thank you for being such an inspiration!

Isabel Salazar says:

Hi Ashley! I bought the 12 weeks post partum plan but I do not know how to access it. I tried using your website but I am still having problems. Please let me know what to do. Cheers and I love your authenticity and empowerment :)

Dariana Ferris says:

I have been following your prenatal workouts, they were amazing. So excited to try the postpartum version!

gagandeep kaur says:

Hi. big fan of urs.have been following ur prenatal workouts.i m 30 weeks pregnant.i would like to check out your 12 week post pregnancy plan.i had one query regarding it.if I buy then plan now..then the access to the plan is valid for 3 months only or once I buy it I hv the plan with me all the time

nikita sansone says:

I'm due to have a c section but really want to try and do your program. Would you recommend I start later? Would I still see results? Thank you !

Han Stoppani says:

You look amazing :)!!

Mrs. Landers Kitchen & Homestead says:

Is this your 6 weeks after giving birth? You look amazing!!

Asd Ab Razak says:

Wow!!!ur 6 weeks progress look like my almost half year progress..hahahhaha..can u cover more on diatisis recti..i saw u talked about it in one of ur video yet, can u cover more on it and what's the good exercise for moms that have DR after given birth?

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