6 to 12 Month Babies Healthy Foods

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After 4 Month Baby Healthy Foods
(1)Apple, (2)Ragi, (3)Multi Grain Flour,(4)Carrot,
Multi Grain Cereal
*Dried Ginger
*White Chickpeas
*Black Chickpeas
*Green Lentils
*Bengal Gram(Split)
*Urad dal
*White Rice

As per the WHO guidelines, any baby that is 6 months of age, that is term or pre term baby contains only breast milk. It contains all the nutrients that the baby requires till this age. So we need not give any water or any particular medicines as such. But however if the baby has any problems like gastroenteritis, then the pediatrician will be prescribing you with oral rehydration fluids or any other medicines as of required for the situation. So the baby is said to be exclusively breast fed only if the baby takes the breast milk along with any medication only if it is required. At any particular age before 6 months, that is no need to give any fluids or any water. The baby requires only breast milk for the first 6 months but in case the baby is on formula milk, we need not substitute or add on any other fluids. As it is the baby requires enough calories which is only attained by milk. 100 ml of milk contains almost 67 – 70 kilocalories and this is attained only if the baby takes milk. If you give fluids, it only fills the stomach and gives hydration to the baby and does not meet the calorie requirement that the baby requires. So if you feed the baby with water, the baby only attains a hydration and the net effect, the baby gets malnourished and there is an extra chance of infection for the baby as you are giving extra water to the baby which is already boiled and if it is boiled also it may contain germs and may result in gastroenteritis and may result in diarrhea and it results in the overall illnesses in the child. So it is not recommended to give water or any other liquids before 6 months.


Rustem Suleyman says:

طريقة تطعيم رضيع غلط

sathya shree Raju says:

Don't feed too fast ….feed slowly

Shankar Shanksr says:

vessels very dirty neenga nalla clean pannuga next video poduga

Shankar Shanksr says:

kitchen very dirty

apjefrinjoe jefrin says:

itha eapolam ottalam plz time table solunga

Laksman G says:

ethna month la irunthu kuduklm carrot

Samia Ferdous says:

The entire process is very messy and is that how u feed baby ! It could give her chocking let her play and enjoy the food

nandeepsamyu nandhini partheeban says:

Mam ithu kutty pappa konjam porumaiya methuva ootunga paapavuku muzhunga time kudunga please.

Sadha S says:

Semi solids should be given only after 6 months and paduka vachu ootina baby ku epdi digest aagum? But ur food recipes are good and helpful minimizing usage of mixie will be good..

m.ananda kumar says:

எத்தனை மாதத் தொடக்கத்தில இருந்து் கொடுக்க வேண்டும்

Rubi Sinthu says:

baba saptawe matikira Enna panalam please reply panuga mem

Rubi Sinthu says:

mem 6 masam baby ku night sapatu konjam Solluga please

vidya k s says:

kannada resipi plz

uma maheswari K says:

enakku en pethiya parpadhu pol irukku adhanaal dhan sollivitten.Pls don't mistake.

siva sankar says:

already Papa chubby.ah irku..eduku ivlo fasta ootringa ..ipdiye pona valandathum pig pola aidum

siva sankar says:

already Papa chubby.ah irku..eduku ivlo fasta ootringa ..ipdiye pona valandathum pig pola aidum

uma maheswari K says:

omg it's a small baby.Y taking full spoon and feeding so fast? leave some gap in between. suvatril cement poosuvadhu pol ootringa. paavam baby. It can't tell.

uma maheswari K says:

appdi madila Padukka vechi oota koodadhu. pora yeridum.don't have that sense?omg adhu chinna kozhandhai. yen ippdi full spoon eduthu fast ah ootringa. konja konja ma gap vittu kudukanum. suvatril cement poosuvadhu pol podringa. paavam baby. it can't tell.

Venkatesh 007 says:

செய்யிற விசயத்த சொல்லி செய்தா நல்லாருக்கும்.
இரண்டாவது resipe சிவப்பி mixer அரைக்கிரிங்க அது என்னன்னு தெரியவில்லை. நீங்க பேசரது ஒன்னும் புரியவில்லை .

gj vecham says:

Stupid give some time to baby

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plz aap Hindi me bataiye
samaz nahi aa raha

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