6 Months Pregnant : Symptoms, Belly Weight Gain

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What Happens To The Mother?

Your belly becomes well-rounded and this affects your bearing. The load on your back muscles and spine increases. The amount of your blood is still growing. Some mothers have got anemia – lack of hemoglobin in their blood. In 90% cases, the cause of it is the shortage of iron. Sometimes anemia is caused by the poor inflow of vitamin B12 and folic acid into the organism.

6 Months Pregnant movements of the babyDue to the movements of the baby, the mother feels tightening in her uterus. Don’t be scared – these are so-called practice contractions, or Braxton Hicks contractions. They are “teaching” the uterus how to contract and relax, prepare it for childbirth. They are usually brief and completely painless.

In the sixth month of pregnancy, the skin of your abdomen may itch – it becomes dry as a result of stretching. It’s time to use specific creams for stretch marks.

Some of the expectant mothers suffer from bleedings from an anus. They are not a threat to pregnancy. The usual reasons are hemorrhoids and cracks in the rectum. Hemorrhoids appear due to the varicose veins in the rectum and constipations. Cracks and varicose veins of the rectum can be bound up with constipations, but you should consult a doctor with any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

During this period, future mothers begin to move awkwardly, clumsily. Distractions, weakening of ligaments and retention of water in the body are the reasons for ataxia (coordination difficulties).


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