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Pre-pregnancy weight (June 2015) 134 lbs
Peak pregnancy weight (March 2015) 170 lbs
Current weight (October 2015) 115 lbs

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avery052002 says:

how did you shrink your belly? what work outs? I'm still struggling with my belly, I still look pregnant: ( any advice would help .

I'm 10 months post partum

Adventure Hippie says:

omg. what is your workout and daily foods

Kamilah Venegas says:

how did you lose all the weight? you look great

Smartie And Steveo says:

Looking great!!

Manu Ela says:

You look great! Also it is so good to see you are so confident, im happy for you!

Felicia Bourque says:

to me you don't look like you had a baby almost 7 months ago you look great

Liz S says:

Seriously you look incredible.. I've been so starving BFing that I think I'm gaining weight (I did lose all my baby weight).. How did you do it??

Nicole Schiavone says:

Looking good :) it me a while to get back


You seriously look like a model. You look fantastic!

Diane Schafer says:

You look awesome.

Andria Peterson says:

You look great!

MommyMayI says:

You look fantastic!

Melissa M. says:

Look at those muscles!!!! Love that you're also doing Beachbody! I love my shakes!!!

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