6 BEST Natural Birth Tips | Midwife-Recommended Tips for a Natural Labor & Delivery

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Midwives know natural birth best! Here are the six best natural birth tips to help you achieve the positive, natural birth experience you are looking for!

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Disclaimer: The information shared in this video is for educational purposes only. The educational content in this video is directed towards HEALTHY, LOW-RISK PREGNANT WOMEN AND THEIR HEALTHY BABY. The information shared is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor or midwife. Medical advice will not be given so please consult with your provider regarding your particular situation.

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Princess Peach says:

Due date April 2nd. No epidural for me. Pray for me.

ayurvedic treatment with vikas Singh says:

Yoga for dileveryhttps://youtu.be/fVyaXFLOYfQ

Roya Pilcher says:

Ok that was a joke……But…………………

Roya Pilcher says:


D Lam says:

are there women who give birth at home because they are uninsured?

jmt1217 says:

Are you a CPM or CNM?

Jalin Williams says:

Ugh.. giving birth in September and its so stressful

Kayalah Yapah Shal Banyamyan says:

I'm having a home birth and it's looking like it's going to be just me and hubby… I can't find a midwife of my preference. This will be my 6th child….

Madison Banegas says:

I appreciate this so much! Getting my ducks in a row before baby gets here in November! This is so helpful and I am watching it over and over again

Pri USA says:

Who else is giving birth in August of 2020 duding the COVID 19 pandemic?! No in person hospital birthing classes and only 1 support person allowed at the hospital during birth!!!:(

Cua Mai says:

Hi Kira, is there any data on correlation on women's peak age for birthing and or generation? For instance, my mom had 5 children all natural in the Thai refugee camps in her early 20s and had me and my two siblings in the United States when she was in her early 30s. She had C-section because of breached. How likely is my succession of having a natural birth? I'm 28 and worried that I may not be able to but I think I can because my mother and grandmother had all natural births.

Amy Vee says:

You mentioned linking childbirth classes in the description, but I don't see them. Did I miss them somehow?

Mahnoor Khan says:

Any video in which u have recommended exercises to avoid some of the pain during delivery?

Lexie Johnsons says:

I just switched from a hospital (obgyn) to a midwife & using her birthing center, Im due in two weeks & the doulas I’ve called won’t take me so late in the game, any advice? I keep hearing about doulas & im afraid my labor will be harder without one.

Jada Pitts says:

I wish I could do an out of hospital birth. I have a midwife but she only goes to the hospital. I wanted to do the water birth but we can't even do that now that the virus is going around
I do plan to have the baby with no medication but i really wanted to relax in water. Really like watching your videos right now because I'm only doing video appointments with my midwife now and even though I had my first daughter no pain meds I was on my back and I just like all the tips you have!

Amelia Turner says:

So grateful for a cajun midwife's knowledge shared! I live in Texas, but from Golden Meadow! This makes my day! So excited to explore your channel in prep for my first little cajun bebe!

Daughter of The Sun says:

Thank you so much for your videos! They have been so helpful to my husband and I. I didn't realize how current they are. I am planning my natural birth in 3 months. This will be my first. I do not know anyone that has done it before and even my mom is very skeptical. Would you have any pointers on what exercises to begin doing, this late in my pregnancy (6 months)?

kaleeboo108 says:

At what stage in your pregnancy should you hire a dula??

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