500lbs and Pregnant: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

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Morbidly obese Monica Riley once wanted to be the fattest woman in the world and would eat over 10,000 calories a day in an attempt to become immobile. The 28-year-old ballooned to 700lbs and hoped to become so large that she became bedbound under the care of her feeder fiancé, Sid. But after suffering two miscarriages, Monica, from Fort Worth, Texas, is pregnant again and now overhauling her lifestyle in a bid to ensure a healthy pregnancy and be a fit mum.

Videographer / director: Ryan Barbosa
Producer: Emma Pearson, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper

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Jake Gasson says:

I'm glad they've both woken up and are doing the right thing. I wish them all the best for their new arrival ^^

Ashley Nave says:

500 pounds, gee whiz.

Sierra xo says:

“I see Monica as a whole complete person” are you sure it’s just one person and not two people??

Mariah Wilson says:

Wouldn’t the baby die ?? Because of all the unhealthy foods she eating ?!!

rose gold simmer says:

a food baby, ah yes

Gaby D says:

Keep up with your journey good job girl god bless u and your fam

Lea Tróndheim says:

Did I just see what I saw?? Anybody else? 3:10

habilun yang says:

How that guy can find her pussy?im so confused literally.

Ky Mussler says:

Aww they’re so cute together, I’m proud of her for changing for her baby.

Kelile Anderson says:

Oml they're the cutest couple in the world god bless em

Araceli.ayala Ramirez says:


Natalie - Carmen Springer says:

Muss sowas ernsthaft sein?!!

Jaynahia Alvarez says:

Je suis ronde et j'assume mais tout de même il ne faut pas exagérer…. ingérer autant de liquide avec un entonnoir !
C'est vraiment irresponsable et dangereux pour elle comme pour bb…

Alexa Cristea says:

Ofcourse u can't see the baby when u look like a hippopotamus

Hey Arnold says:

It's sad women like this can get pregnant when theirs women out their who would do anything just to have a baby

Janis Khan says:

Pregnant for 3rd time so she have 2 kids before?

khan pathan says:

She is so beautiful….she should care about her health…

shaik sk says:

May Allah bless u n ur baby too vth happiness n success ameen

Terence Walker says:

omfg that is disgustingly fat nasty ugly monster. but I want to know is how they had sex so she get pregnant. how'd he get past them 8 stomachs?

Miss Ay Beauty says:

Takes all sorts I suppose

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