5 week pregnancy update & belly shot

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here’s a video update at 5 weeks along in my pregnancy with baby #2. i currently have a 16.5 month old- Landon. every week i’ll have a new update, a bump shot of the belly as it grows, and go through the same list of questions so that i can document this pregnancy vlog style, and also to compare and contrast this pregnancy to my first one.

this video was filmed a few weeks ago, as we wanted to make sure we shared the news with all our family first- but you guys were the second to know :)
missed our announcement video? watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HpP-lDMUqI

in this video i’ll share with you:
how far along?
total weight gain?
maternity clothes?
stretch marks?
how are you sleeping?
best moment this week?
missing anything?
food cravings?
anything making you queasy or sick?
gender guess?
labor signs?
belly button in or out?
wedding rings on or off?
happy or moody most of the time?
what are you looking forward to?

prayers and positivity to all my fellow ttc-ers and pregnancy mommas out there!!

hope you enjoy this video.
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thanks for staying positive and kind in the comments!
-brianna k


Kiwigrill says:

I’m a 16 year old girl with no intention to have kids, and pregnancy is just so interesting to me for some reason.

Felicia G says:

I’m 5 weeks pregnant and I have all of the same symptoms!! Soo exciting :) so happy to see you had two healthy pregnancies

Natalia Romanova says:

I love this I also vlog and Just found out I was pregnant congratulations!!!!

keilis babys says:

where can I watch your first pregnancy??

tia butts says:

got a faint positive twice this morning and so anxious. baby number two for me!

tia butts says:

I love the bacon Gouda at Starbucks

Mirella Yeya says:

that's bloated?? ha ha

congrats on your Lil one! I'm about 4 weeks behind you, I think…..based on your posting date. 6 weeks in Wednesday, after 3 years of trying! watched your baby names video, that was fun to watch!

hugs from the bay!

Nikki Amanda says:

I get you girl! I miss my coffee! have been sticking to only 1 cup a day!

sexymom says:

You look awesome congrats on finally becoming pregnant!!!!

FourieFamCam says:

Congratulations on little 2! Enjoy every moment!

Trista says:

I just found your channel. I look forward to watching these updates :) We will hopefully be TTC in January of next year for #3! Congratulations!

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