5 Tips for a NATURAL LABOR and DELIVERY \\ How to have a NATURAL Birth at a Hospital

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If you’ve decided that you want an unmedicated vaginal birth, you’re probably needing some tips for a natural labor and delivery. In this video you’ll learn how to prepare to have a natural birth at a hospital, labor and pain relief, and managing birth pain naturally so you can walk away from your birth experience with a positive hospital birth story. As a birth doula, it’s my goal to give you all the tools you need to prepare for a non medicated natural birth at a hospital.

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All information provided in this video is for educational purposes only and should never replace the advice of your doctor. Always direct questions to your care provider regarding your specific situation and before attempting any of the suggestions.


I am a DONA certified Birth Doula and a Lamaze certified Childbirth Educator in the San Francisco Bay Area! For more information and resources, come find me at builttobirth.com


Jenn says:

I just had a baby and I can't imagine not doing an epidural. The contractions were the worst pain of my life and after getting the epidural, I was able to relax and enjoy the experience. I'm impressed by any woman who can do labor and birth unmedicated.

Hannah Bentson says:

I’ve been binge watching your videos! You’re so gifted. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdoms with us!

John Rider says:

Hospitals in Ontario do things that are not right

John Rider says:

Nurses treat helpers like crap.

Darionel-Milagros Serrano says:

If only you were on the East Coast. You are so calming to me :) I'm a first time expecting mom <3 so i'm soaking up your videos <3

Abigail Hannah says:

I want a natural birth because I have always hated the idea of an epidural injection. I have never liked needles (doesn't stop me from getting tattoos though) and unless I need a C-SECTION, I don't want someone to put a needle into my spine. I also am not a fan of the after effects of an epidural.

Brittany Smith says:

You are absolutely amazing!!! I can't stop watching your videos!! And will continue to through out my pregnancy!!!

DJ Bailey says:

So grateful to have found you on YouTube!! I'm your new subbie! I'm a first time expecting mother 3 weeks from delivery. My husband is currently working in China, so I've watching your videos on pain management, etc. I appreciate your videos! The content has made me feel confident that I can the natural birth I want! ❤️️

Bethany Von Furstenburg says:

omg im so glad i found your channel!! im not pregnant but my husband and I are about to start trying and your videos are exacty what i need! why dont you have more subscribers!

Catherine The Cool Mom says:

I love the way you throw the word "mama" in the way you speak, it makes me feel all fuzzy and good. I haven't had my baby yet but hearing you call me, the viewer, by the term "mama" is empowering and comforting! I'd add to this video to read Ina May's book guide to natural childbirth, it changed my life ❤

Chenfei Conti says:

Thanks for the tips. I’m not sure if I could remember this much information. But at least I knew what is going to happen so I don’t get panic.

Fatma Moheb says:

Hi i want u to explan what we should expect in our 37,38,39 week specially when the baby's head drops and
if it does'nt in my case i have a wide pelvis but my baby's head didn't drop drown excuse my language

Ilona Heiskanen says:

Hey girl! Quick question. What do you mean when you talk about a "natural" birth? Do you mean vaginal or are you using it as a synonym to unmedicated? :)


I love how informative your videos are for new mamas

Fatma Moheb says:

Not all the country's have the education and the pre birth courses

Emanuelle Beaulieu says:

Thanks for the tips!
Here's a video topic suggestion for you: How you manage to be a doula as a mom.
I'm really interested in becoming a doula, but I'm not sure how it's possible with little ones.

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