5 Easy Weight Gain Baby Food Recipes (In English)

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5 Easy Weight Gaining Recipes for Kids

I used early foods’ Sprouted Raagi, Almond & Dates porridge mix, 7 Dry fruits & Seeds Powder & Dry Dates powder.

You can buy Early foods from www.earlyfoods.com, Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry or Big Basket.



Sagar Sanas says:

Can you explain in Hindi

oasis 2017 says:

Thankyou for the recipes

M Vaiyu says:

Can I give thz fr 9 mnth?

Supriya VM says:

Can v give 2nd receipe fr 6 mnths baby

Rashmi Sekhar says:

Cup measurement 100 or 200ml

Priya P says:

Can u update time mam.. At which time we want to feed

Rebecca Fedora says:

Does sprouted ragi cause stomach pain for infants

CA Priyanka Prathyush says:

Can i give it to 6 month old baby

Ashintha Rai says:

Love this thkss

Saba Khuram says:

What is ragi ??

Devi Sweety says:

Dry fruits means what all shld do powder

Ejaz Alikhan says:

3 month baby can feed this

Santhu kontheti says:

Can sprouts be cooked

Veena Anish says:

Can I give to 7 mnth baby

Vaithi kutty Vaithi kutty says:

Plz avoid using sugar.only use of natural sugar for bbys

Visarapu Jyothi says:

9th month baby can we feed these recepies

kimiko says:

You can add desi ghee to chapati

Ramya Ramya says:

Forhow many months baby

Rabiya Tasnim says:

What do you mean by dry fruits?

chandani sharma says:

Ragi porridge me khuch taste hi ayega baby ko..usme na to salt hai na hi sweet..to kaise khayega

akila reddy panyala says:

Can we give it for 6 months baby

Madhavi Reddy says:

Can we give it 6 and half month bby

Kavitha Karthik says:

1 year baby food

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