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Week 4 Pregnancy Update! Early Pregnancy Symptoms and belly shot. 👶 So excited to be pregnant with my second child. I’m exciting to be vlogging a pregnancy update each week. Who else is pregnant at the same time?
We wanted until 12 weeks to announce our pregnancy so I will be uploading each weekday until we have caught up .
Thanks for watching!!!
Ali xx

PREGNANCY UPDATE PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixQ_lADk-OE&index=2&list=PLeoq4ya2B_Ms3sImsx1RQyaJ53CQqSRjv&t=0s

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I created this channel as I love creating crafts and DIYs. I wanted to share and inspire others with quick and simple step by step tutorials. When I become a Mum I added in mummy lifestyle videos.

This channel is a kind, positive and supportive place. Each family is different and has different needs, but here I share what works for ours. You do what works for yours. xxx

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Shaniya Smith says:

Miscarriage Nov 18th 2019 , I just found out I’m pregnant again with my rainbow baby !!! I’m soo nervous .

ace lyon says:

You had a very sexy four week pregnant belly

Sathya Nallaperuma says:

I am 4 weeks and this is my second. My daughter is 17 months now.

Bosbabi Jackson says:

After two miscarriages im scared to know if im pregnant i had spottin at 2 weeks and im late on my period

M F says:

4 weeks with my second child. My son was also very clingy and emotional.

Lilly the immortal/ straight says:

Ive been trying fir almost 8 months T~T

o.cat says:

Is it possible in 4 weeks to ur belly notice impossible

andy simon says:

My wife has two grown kids and havent been pregnant for 23 yrs, she recently missed her period and began eating and feeling tired of lately,I do hope she is pregnant because it will be my first baby…

TheTurqoise1 says:

Just found out im 4 weeks pregnant, plus this will be our first one. ❤

Marissa Law says:

I been having a lot of symptoms, missed period, sore boobs, headaches, etc.. took 5 tests all negative. I never experienced symptoms like this before. I want to be pregnant :(

Melt17 says:

Just found out a few days that I'm 4 weeks pregnant with our 1st!! So excited!!!!!!

brian brown says:

What is the name of that song

Madyson My love says:

Can prangent rest be wrong I took like there there all FLas

Miriam Hnamte says:

I just found out im 4 weeks pregnant today…im super excited

Megan Carson says:

Ever went to a wedding where the bride was pregnant?

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