4 Months Pregnant: Symptoms and Baby Development

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Your baby’s heartbeat is audible now. You may feel Itchy tummy and breasts, Stretch Marks, and Heartburn.

Watch Complete Pregnancy Journey (Nine Months). Watch here https://youtu.be/ts3ydvfl1yE

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Littles Parenting says:

Watch Month by Month Pregnancy & Fetus Development. Watch here https://youtu.be/3CO6d285dco

Ilham Nazeer says:

For me little bleeding.my doctor said baby is fine. Is that a problem for my baby. Now im 14 weeks

Azima Thomas says:

Am four months

Susan Sackor says:

Thanks I'm four months pregnant…

durga bhavani says:

I'm also 4 th month pregnant

Debasmita Rout says:

My baby is four month

m awais says:

Mera 4 mnth ha par mje movmnt fel ni hoti kya kru

sw math says:

I have 18week pragent but stomach very small any problem is there

Brenda Kirk says:

I know it's crazy I'm 16 weeks and I'm due July 6th 2020 with a beautiful baby girl

shruti Lakkundi says:

Thank you for the information.. I am also 4th month pregnant..

Charishma Ramchandani says:

This is so nice to see and learn from. I am 15 weeks and 6 days pregnant today and I loved watching and learning about the baby's development from this video. Thanks so much for sharing!

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