36 weeks pregnant with twins

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Check out our TWIN Home birth video:

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DREE TENNESSEE birth video


Selfie_Obsessed says:

Anyone else screaming while the baby was bouncing on her belly?!?!?!

Dire Wolf says:

0.07 seconds dumb bitch. He will do this after they are born ?

Hannah Costa says:

That's sexy

1970harleybike says:

If i had a wife and she got pregnant i would dump her and the baby..I would never be seen with a revolting pregnant woman…GROSS..

My Pregnant Belly says:

amazing belly :-)

amandalu says:

wow you're massive!

Jay Buckman says:

You have the most gorgeous bump I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing

daniel demming says:

Cute belly so big and round are you enjoying your pregnancy how much weight have you gained how big around is your belly?

Lulu Patmol says:

Between 5 and 6 seconds you had no stomach ache? When your child knows sitting on your huge belly?

Eric Vogel says:

Are you having a boys or girls

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