30 DAY POSTPARTUM TIME LAPSE (watch my belly shrink!) || BABY #2

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These are the next 30 days after having my baby. Watch my belly shrink.

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TyNyra Lewis says:

I had a baby 3 weeks ago and my body is bouncing back but there’s still a bit of loose skin does it go back to normal when the full six weeks is up or should I do something about it

Shanice Whitfield says:

Did you exercise at all?

Sakeena Wade Ali Khan says:

I find if youre fit prior to pregnancy the bounce back is instant. I had a 4 pack got pregnant gave birth and it bounced back

Kass Marie says:

Did you use any cream to prevent your stretch marks?

Jorie Flowers says:

What did you do to get it back flat?

Punta Kinte says:

I think you were in great shape prior to your pregnancy.

Ewart Smith says:

Am so jealous of you girl I try so hard to loose my tommy I did but not had much

Fatima Govea says:

I really hope for my stomach to have the same reaction as yours! That was tremendously great. I am 31 weeks and have no stretch marks yet, really hope to keep it that way, although I wouldn't mind them.

E. Young says:

wow in 30 days like u were never even pregnant.i hope my body bounces back like that

Mokonzi says:

Dang hope i'll snapback just like you, especially after two babies

Jacqueline Cousimano says:

hey girly did you use a body shaper?

Labarbara Christian says:

Not fair im still waiting on my snap back.lol

Mina Tarki says:

amazing good job

lovely Jay says:

wow that was great, i wish my belly was like that, i had c-section it's been three year now and my stomach just won't go down like it was before

JolieInc says:

That's that snapback action. Congratulations on your precious gift.

Mellonee Edgeston says:

You look great

Latesha Gray says:

it's hard for me to get rid of my belly and I eat right maybe it will just take some time for me cause everyone is different

Latesha Gray says:

did your stomach just go down naturally or did you exercise and eat right

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