3 Month Tummy Tuck Update TUMMY TUCK JOURNEY | Swelling Bloating And Sore

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3 Month Tummy Tuck Update TUMMY TUCK JOURNEY | Swelling Bloating And Sore

This month has been a wild one and by far the most different month in terms of the healing process. Todays video I am talking about all things swelling, bloating and soreness in the tummy tuck healing process! I have officially hit month 3 post op from my surgery! Do I still think this surgery was worth it? When do you finally see results? Whats going on now?

1st workout after tummy tuck swelling video: https://youtu.be/TroaWZyPTGg
Full tummy tuck playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFfzJOmj-LNFo_N3Ep033SvtnCv18Qb1g

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Kala In The Kingdom says:

If you are at this point in recovery whats going on with you? Hows your swelling?

Joaula Brion says:

I am currently 3 months post op after my tummy tuck. I am so happy I came across your video because what your describing is dead on for how I am feeling right now. I feel like I’m bloating and swelling much more.

Nastassia Love says:

I heard that wearing a faja helps alot for the swelling im 2 weeks in oncebi get my last drain out i will try it.

leighann Mesa says:

Do you swell all over? I am having the same issues but only on my right side. To the point where I cant sleep cause of the paid

Annlt220 T says:

Yeah it does look swollen and bloated.

Kgomotso Motsisi says:

Hope I cn get advice. I'm worried it has been 6 weeks post op and this week I am having upper abdominal pain and swelling after my tummy tuck.. Wt cld be coursing it.. I wear my faya garment

Lori Huber says:

I had a lower body lift..I am still very swollen at 14 weeks massage helps less salt but activity is going to make it worse. My Dr said 6 months to one year for swelling..oh my 3 months swelling was the worse..
I had major abdominal repair..I see so many people with no swelling..I am glad I am not the only one.

It's just Mona says:

I will be month 3 come May 27th and today less swelling but the swelling is going down from top to bottom. I swell after a full day of work but my diet determines how much swelling I have and it can make you feel absolutely awful. we’re doing good though, please keep sharing

jessica long says:

My scars were practically non existent at the beginning but now they’re darker. I read they get darker before they lighten up

Tammy Moore says:

I’m scheduled for the exact thing you had for May 19! Tummy tuck, back Lipo, and fix ab muscles! Ugh I’m dreading all the swelling. I’m 55 with no small children

Kayla Timms says:

How much was your surgery total and how did you pay for it? Your results are amazing. I'm having mine next year and I'm doing all the research I can.

Paula W says:

Hi came across your video.. I am not sure if you are wearing a binder to help with your swelling but it is helpful. Best wishes..

barbara villarruel says:

My was scheduled for March 26 and it got canceled and rescheduled to may 8th hopefully everything gets better. Thank you for your video super helpful can’t wait for mine

Disney Mom Life says:

You look fantastic! Don’t look bloated or swollen to me. Hope you’re feeling good!

laceaface says:

Your videos on your journey are super informative and helpful to me, I'm working up to possibly next year getting mine done. But I really feel like the way you're posting often throughout your recovery rather than how a lot of people post like 1 month and then a year, I feel like the little things are what I want to know about and those get forgotten without frequent updates.

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