21 Healthy Weight Gaining Foods for Indian Babies with Recipes | How to increase baby weight?

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Baby’s weight depends on multiple factors like genetics, birth weight etc but majorly food. So lets see the list of simple foods which can give good results.
List of recipes included in the video :
Potato Puree : https://youtu.be/VxxBi85m4KU
Kerala Banana Powder : https://youtu.be/hdsGYA9IamM
Sprouted Ragi Porridge : https://youtu.be/5L7osY11jDM
Sprouted Ragi Milk : https://youtu.be/vs_eZ5fBYz8
Ragi Apple Pancake : https://youtu.be/YfF4CLNjnh0
5 Egg Yolk Recipes : https://youtu.be/jRhW1mGLSgY
Daliya Dal Khichdi : https://youtu.be/Z6G4PpuKrvk
Dry Fruits Powder : https://youtu.be/ivDWfiTYJLw
Health Mix Sathumaavu : https://youtu.be/EYuinfYJr-I
Sprouted Sathumaavu : https://youtu.be/L4PBuXyoFy8
Dry Dates Powder : https://youtu.be/GG42plxv4_U

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Pooja Singh says:

Hi dear ..which coconut is best for baby

hande hanu says:

I want telugu language

Sukanya Parande says:

hiiiii my baby also premature now she is 9 months old …her weight is only 5 kg m vry worry abt her plz suggest mi wht will I give her to eat

swathi k.s says:

Hii… hey my baby premature now he s 14months but have weiate issue as u said he s still 7kg, but he s super active. Just help good recipes for 14 months my baby

Bharani lakshmanan says:

hi madam my baby not eating food he is 1 year9months

Madiha Amal says:

breastfeed wo ni late formula milk lte h aur dr na med de the wo try ki but koi farq ni para.fruits shakes da sakti hn

Madiha Amal says:

heloo mam h r u?my baby 8 month old but wo lgte ni ha weight be atne gain ni ho raha pĺz reply me plz wht can i do?

Atluri sowmya says:

for poha cerelac we have to wash poha r not as we know poha contains lot of dirt. what to do.

Savita sawant says:

Which brand coconut oil is good for baby food cooking..?

Priya Mathivanan says:

What type of banana should give for 6+ month baby?

Confessions Of A Boy Mom says:

Great video! Very helpful!

dencherla ranganath says:

how to give paneer 9months baby

dencherla ranganath says:

wen to give paneer

Sonali Patwardhan says:

Nice video but please clarify what foods to be introduced at what age. Because my baby is 7 months 16 days.

Naseela Sameer says:

thnxs for this vedio

Naseela Sameer says:

hi.how r u.

dencherla ranganath says:

how to give olive oil to 9months baby

MisterBassBoost says:

I like! Keep it up!

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