2 Months Pregnant: causes of absent heart beat in fetus – Dr. Nupur Sood

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Regularly if a scan is done at around 7 weeks of pregnancy, the cardiac activity should appear. As early as 5 weeks also it can be picked up on a transvaginal scan. So when 2 months are complete, that is at 8 weeks of gestation. Cardiac activity should appear in a healthy pregnancy. If it is missed, then we call it as missed abortion, absent cardiac activity. The causes for it could be several. The commonest cause it could be a genetic disorder or as we understand the sperm and the embryos do not form properly and it will lead to an abnormal embryo development. There are a lot of hormonal causes also which can lead to miscarriages in the first trimester, commenest being a thyroid disorder, there could be certain blood discrepancies also which have to be looked for it should be discussed with your doctor if you need to avoid this in your future pregnancies, adequate folic acid supplementation is a must proper to planning the next conception and also certain blood investigation need to be checked out before planning your next pregnancy so this can be avoided in future.


Sandhya Nischi says:

Pregnant time cold cough adre hen madbeku mam helii

Menal Akbar says:

Mam m 9week pregnent but doctr tell me that m 7week nd my fetus develop but still heartbeat not shown doctr tell me 4revisit after 15days so what does it means

Kartik Chauhan says:

Mam 11weak m USG kra sakte h kya mam

WaRda Ashraf says:

I am 7 weeks pragnent but still there is no cardiac activity nor a fetal movement….what should i do?

kyipa's beautyminati says:

Today i had an ultrasound and i heard my babys heartbeat…. I m two months pregnant

monisha p says:

hi doctor my last period was 6 dec yestarday i went for scan but doctor has said tha this my 5 week 5 days i cant see my baby and heart beat also may i know whats the reason for this doctor!?

Mahnoor Kashif rajput says:

MRA baby growth kr rh h but heartbeat nh ai

simran Gharde says:

Mam mujhe ajj 2 month ho gaye or 1 boond aisi bloding hoti hai 1 day 2 me ultrasound me babay ki heartbeat nhi bata raha hai pls mam reply q ki mujhe monday ko obortion bola hai pls mam reply

snehika reddy says:

Hi Mam ,ur videos are very informative. I am pregnant 6 week 4 days pregnancy in scan done on 24october but no cardiac activity found, n but baby growth is der Again scan done on 31 October but no activity n no growth found compared to last scan . They sad its missed abortion but Doctor sad to wait for one week n rescan. If v c growth n activity dn nothing to worry if not abortion by medication . What should I do Mam shal I wait , is der any chances if healthy pregnancy Mam. Please reply Mam I am very much wirried.

Mutshelelwa Sambry says:

What cause more pain during pregnancy of 2 month nd vomiting too much

Fasna Ramshad says:

Mam, I'm 8 week pregnant,but my baby has 5.5 wk growth and also heart beat is missing.
Madam pls tell can I get my baby?

sujatha R says:

Mam am pregnant almost 8 weeks but there is no heartbeat identified in scan please help me

Hibban ahmed Ahmed says:

Mam kya koi cusin marriage issue b hota hai means taya chachu k bcho ki shadi ho to is wjha c b baby growth during pregnancy ka msla ho skta hai

Hibban ahmed Ahmed says:

Mam mere behn ko 3 4 bar pregnancy hoi lekin 8 9 hfty tk w8 krty hai but no fetus seen….. injection b lgty hai lekin phir b growth nai hoti….. Kya reason ho skti hai plz plz plz

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