15 Foods to Improve Baby's Brain During Pregnancy – Pregnancy Foods for Intelligent Baby

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Maintaining a healthy diet is important whether you’re pregnant or not, but key nutrients that come from whole foods are essential in your baby’s brain development. In this video, you will know in detail about the foods to eat during pregnancy for your baby’s brain development.


Ruby Turner says:

me: pregnant
me: oHh sAY LEss ;0

Crystal Ramdial says:

Thank you for this information. This is my first pregnancy so I'm totally lost.

Monika Katara says:

Spinach ,banana ,carrots ,sea salt, avocados, nuts,popcorn,broccoli, orange,dairy products,yogurt,

Sabia Choudhury says:

Hold on in your other video you said bananas are not safe lool during pregnancy

Bre Austin says:

My first time pregnancy im happy i found this channel ❤️

milan Patel says:

I eat walnut and spinach banana everyday.

spencer jennifer says:

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Yasmina sajid Sajida says:

Thank you mam nice channel it is

End Hunger says:

I loved it, I'll share it with my little sister

I started a channel, I hope I can evolve, because this channel is great

Mohammed Saddam says:

Spinach palak
Bananas kela potassium,
Carrots vitamine a skin eye bones, fiber
Sea salt iodine
Avocados folic acid vitaine c6
Nuts magnezium iron copper celenium zinc

Popcorn fiber vitamine e , antioxidant combound

Brocalli calium folic vitmaine c absord ion

Oatmeal complex carbohydrade
Lower colestrol

Iranges vitmaine c folot diber water

Eggs high protein omega 3 fatty acid, egg white

Dairy product, calcium milk cheeze yoghurt

Yoghurt folic acid vitmaine d microflora

Saminam fish macrol ,
Omega3 fatty acid

Chicken lean protein,

Mohammed Saddam says:

Fishshould not be taken in first teimist

Latyia Losa says:

Yes I'm eating all this now


Thank you for your information..I'm now pregnant..thank you

A to z Islamic medical point channel says:


Milly Akiiki. k. says:

l will use them also

Gayatri More says:

Good video
Bad pronounciation

Jijo says:

Banana, carrots, avacado, nuts, popcorn, brocoli, oat's, orange, eggs white, milk, fish, chicken,

Susan Tumuhaise says:

Congratulations to me am pregnant

ismi gomez says:

I thought mackarel&sardines has high mercury?

Taranjeet Kaur says:

Apki ek video h ki Banana is not safe for bby fr ye video main banana khana chahiye to esse kesse

Nikki Roopnarine says:

Getting pregnant very soon

Firdaus Khan says:

Thanks for video .it's very helpful in durning this time

shirisha varma says:

Sea salt, carrots, banana, avacados, nuts, dryfruit, pop corn, broccoli, oatmeal, oranges, eggs, dairy 0roducts, curd, specific sea food, chiken,

oindrilapal83 says:

Spinaaaaach!!! Oh noo!!!

I am Butterfly says:

Moreover lot of those who are eating healthy their blood reports are low too bad i eat everything even junk in pregnancy and my HB is 13.5 huu

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