12 Weeks Pregnant (First Pregnancy) – 3 Months Pregnant – First Trimester

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Hey everyone! Welcome to my 12 weeks preggers vlog! Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. :)



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KC Rogers says:

I made my pregnancy pillow and started using it at 7 weeks great for sore hips (not used to exercising yet)

marie komax says:

I'm glad I watched this because I've been coughing really bad but I wasn't sure what to do or if it was normal. Coughing at work is annoying I'm tiering up and everything

lorinne Helmick says:

Omg now you are pregnant with baby #2 and about to celebrate Skylas 1st birthday!

EmiGen says:

Watching this video because I wanted to see the difference between your pregnancy with skyla and this one!

Barbara Alcantara says:

Tiny Skyla!!

Shieva says:

Yes, I felt both of my kids at 11-13 weeks people thought I was lying but I stay in tune with my body. And during the time with my daughter I never did too much.. if you sit around a lot while pregnant you might feel the baby sometimes. And when I was pregnant with my son I moved a lot cause I worked out.. but since I knew how it felt from my previous pregnancy with my daughter I actually knew that was his tiny body moving inside of me ❤️

Jc Buenaventura says:

I love watching your videos! I am 12 weeks pregnant and my tummy is not that big, I also lose a lot of weight

paola mercedes says:

i am 13 weeks and one day today. i been on an emotional lately expectually since me and my boyfriend are trying to find a new apartment its been ruff.

Emily D says:

i felt my son at 11 weeks i filled up the bathtub and lay stomach down and i could feel him faintly but being in the water helped it

Portia Jones says:

12 weeks 6 days really nervous this the furthest I have gotten…

Girly Talk says:

I just got my chromosome/ down syndrome results!
Normal and healthy!

Afriya Foxworth says:

im 12 weeks and 2 days today!

Ana V says:

I'm almost 11 weeks with baby #3. Im more scared of birth now than with the other 2 I guess I'm bugging out about the possibility of having a cesarean

Shareen Akhtar says:

your only having a baby why all the drama?

Susie Hardy says:

Hi Aaryn, Im 9wks pregnant with my first and I seriously LOVE your channel. I'm considering subscribing to bump box. Did you find it helped the time to go by quicker? & would you do it again??

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