12 Weeks Pregnant And Belly Shot!

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sweettwinky86 says:

That "butt cramp" comment cracked me up.. I feel the same way sometime.lol

Alyse Ashby says:

I tried to play your baby game but it won't letbme

collegevlogger12 says:

I love your hair!! I like watching your vlogs…I am not pregnant and dont have any kids. You are too funny!! Could you do some more videos on your meals?? I am trying to eat healthier and more mindful of where my food comes from. I made a video about that if you want to check that out. I still cant believe your 12 weeks already…I remember when you just found out :)

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@VegetarianWifey aww thank u! and I am so excited about the fun trimester 😀

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@mykelovesmel thank u :) I think its just trolls but I still dont wanna have to look at it 😉

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@iloveshottp158 aww :)

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@EmTabbysTTCjourney I am for sure gonna try to record the heart beat! 😀

Emily Tabby says:

Do ou think wll try and record your apt? And maybe the heard beat if you can hear it?

iloveshottp158 says:

I was at the grocery store yesterday and the lady in front of me had a big bag of Hot Cheetos. The first thing I thought about was you!

Myke&Mel says:

Don't know what's up with all the thumbs down, you do a great job!

VegetarianWifey says:

"Butt cramps" – haha you crack me up! Don't worry about being lazy for your first trimester. Your body isn't being lazy in the least, so if you relax and sit around that's not such a bad thing 😉 I love the belly. You're showing so much so early! That's such a great time… watching your belly start to grow. 12 weeks already! So close to the fun trimester. Sending happy heartbeat vibes :)

Tsayuga says:

You are just a week behind me! My belly has gotten huge already too, but I did have a head start when it comes to a big belly. I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound!

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