10 Tips For A Natural Childbirth | IN THE HOSPITAL

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3 weeks ago i had my all natural hospital child birth. Watch Amelia’s Birth story Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvYjHqceBmE
I learned a few new things i found made such a difference with this birth. Here are my 10 tips for you!

Elijah’s Vbac all natural hospital birth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVctc8LloDM

Aria’s c section birth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fBVp6XSCRs&list=PLt4Z8xMNnPl1ykDBAiLFUOE0oaPs-D7Lb&index=1

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BLESSINGS from our family, to yours!


Life Forever Changed says:

Natural birth series will be starting on my new channel have any questions let me know what you want me to cover

luisa castellanos says:

this is so accurate. i am so ready to give birth to my daughter in september. my son was born in a birth center, so i didnt have the option of getting an epidural. lol but this video has definitely been very helpful in kind of refreshing my memory. i did a lot of what was suggested in order to get through my sons labor. but this time around i don't have the option of giving birth in a birth center and i am really trying to stay positive and not harbor negative feelings about hospital births cause i know i can have the experience and birth that i want.

sophia guerrero says:

I know this is late but thank you for this video!!! I'm due in 5 weeks and all I've heard is that I can't do it. But hearing your tips really makes me feel better and boost of confidence for labor ❤

Amy Lyle says:

I'm due in two weeks and want to have a natural childbirth. Thank you so much for you tips. I will watch this again once labor starts for me.

Sousena Tefera says:

Hands down the best video I have ever seen on the subject matter of natural childbirth! Thank you! God bless your family!

Charlene Williams says:

Great video! It really is a mental game. After my second natural birth I realize more and more you
Have the right support around you, encouraging words and affirmations to keep you focused

Breathe deeply and my biggest help was peppermint, lavender and clary sage oils i would add a few drops to tissue and breathe in with each contraction [ probably looked like some drug head lol] but that really helped me.

Move around and for me listening to music and watching birthing videos [ the good ones]

Sopa Pia says:

I keep getting distracted by baby so precious

Tina Ohanian says:

awesome advice! Thanks for sharing

Asma nazli says:

very helpful

Marianne Birgersson says:

so helpful thank you

ashley fernandez says:

this is the first time I have seen your videos, but I can tell (maybe I am wrong!!) that you did some hypnobirthing!! I just finished mine and they preach all of this. I love it. Thanks for your video!!!

Carro K says:

I am from Sweden but now live in America. And I have freaked out a lot about the idea of giving birth here. Because I hear such horrible stories about mom's who are not allowed to more around or eat anything else but ice. In Sweden it's natural to get up and move any way you want. It scares me to think that someone might force me down in the bed when I am in too much pain to defend myself. But your video really helped me to be confident and speak up. I will also have my husband speak up for me if I can't do it through the whole labor. He's is luckily very honest and blunt so he won't let them do something to me that I have told him in advance that I don't want. This video is awesome!!

Ozden İMRAN says:

This is what I needed! I was having panic attacks listening birth stories and i am not even pregnant yet ! (hopefully be- in couple months) I am always having anxiety and scaring myself thinking about labor and this video.. I mean.. You just saved me going insane lol. Seriously can't thank you enought. Thank you thank you thank you !!

Laura Hernandez says:

very empowering video! I'm 40 weeks and 3 days and they wanted me to get induce next week. we have a voice like you said! thanks for your encouragement!! God bless!!!

Jennifer Bell says:

Started watching for the tips. Stayed for the baby hiccups.

Liz Garcia says:

Thank you so much for this encouraging video!!!!

Kymberlys Chalkboard says:

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I have watched lots of videos talking about natural labor and your is the best and the most helpful to me! I am pregnant and this is my first, I am so scared of what is to come with this but also pretty excited to finally have a baby after 3 and a half years of trying for one with my husband! I have always been scared of the labor part of having a baby, but the way you put it really seems to calm me! Thank you so much for making this video and I can't wait to watch more of your videos with your beautiful family! You are AMAZING!!!

Sarah Swarthout says:

Thank you for this video! I've had 3 completely naturally and I'm about to have #4 and I'm terrified. You'd think I'd be a pro by now but I'm scared!! I have my hospital bag packed with essential oils. I'm going to make a playlist when I get home today. Those are fabulous suggestions. I'm determined to do better this time and not be a screaming lunatic.

Ariel Perez says:

meadow soprano's half sister?

Brittany Collins says:

wonderful tips i think the thing i will be worried about is the pain, but after listening to these tips i will take them into consideration

Acinomnieves3 says:

Watching this right now at 6-10 minute contractions

Kathryn Halsey says:

I'm due next month. Left my OB and am now going to an amazing supportive birthing center for a water birth. These tips are great and made me feel much more at ease. Thank you so much! I'll be watching this again and I'm definitely checking out that documentary.

Ericka Jackson says:

Really enjoyed this. I am due in 4 weeks and really appreciated how candid you are. Thanks!

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