10 Reasons Why Babies Kick In The Womb

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10. Does a baby who kicks more mean it’s healthier? Many think so, but that’s not necessarily true. Many times, even very quiet babies are just as healthy, if not healthier.

9. A baby’s kick also can tell how healthy the mom-to-be is. If the mom smokes or is tired or stressed, it can affect the baby’s movement and kicking pattern.

8. The best way to jump start a baby inside a mom is for her to lie on her left side. This will increase the baby’s circulation. And when a baby’s circulation is doing well… let the outrageous kicking begin.

7. Another way to get your baby to kick is to be around something noisy. It may kick because it likes the sound or may be scared of it. And, since a baby’s eyes are not fully developed, a bright light shining at mom’s belly will usually get it kicking… trying to get away from it.

6. Baby will also do a kicking number when mom indulges in sweets, like candy, chocolate and ice cream.

5. When mom does a work out and gets all energized, so will baby, and the kicking will commence. So Zumba away if you want to feel your baby respond.

4. Baby also knows when mom is in bed resting or sleeping. And if baby is not ready to rest, mom will feel it with a kick. A simple touch of the belly as acknowlegement could calm the baby down… or not.

3. If mom gets busy, baby may be just as busy, but mom may not feel it. But she typically will when she takes a break and puts her feet up for a minute. Also, if mom is shocked by something, adrenaline will flow through her and go to the baby. It will quickly react to that.

2. An old wives tale suggests babies who are extra active are more hyperactive when they are born. A study, though inconclusive, indicates there may be some truth to that old tale, especially when those children reach 1 to 2 years old.

1. Babies inside the womb can hear their mom’s and dad’s voices, and distinguish between them. And the baby can react to the inflections in those voices by kicking and trying to move toward the direction of those voices. Babies become very used to these voices every day.

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Mika Yasaka says:

I kicked like a ninja and I was born late. Meh. I loved the stomach. But my friend, however, was born early! I was born on the 7th June late, and my friend was born on the 8th June early!

Crizza Sanchez says:

wow…its so cute but you need to suffer to elhad a baby

Erosx quin'neshz says:

Amazing babies ❤

swapna s says:

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Get All says:

Ten "REASONS". Not "WAYS TO MAKE BABY KICK". Get your title right

MissBrittanyboo2191 says:

As I'm watching my baby is kicking haha


I don't miss it at all

Skyler Choinski says:

75% aren't even adults
19% are adults with no kids
6% are adults who r pregnant or have kids

Franchesliz Arroyo says:

aww can't wait

Rakhsheen Saood says:

My mom was having baby he is my bro now

Rebeca M says:

I've heard that the laying on your left side thing isn't true

Tiffani Farrington says:

My baby would not move during the day, but at night when I was frickin trying to sleep she would move like crazy

Keena Cummings says:

very neat to watch

A Lonely Potato says:

reminds me when i was inside my moms womb..i kick the living shit out of my mom….ahhhh good time good time

Potato 10 says:

My mom told me that when i was in her belly she would always put music on and i will always kick

funpaw10 says:

baby's can also grow up to be gay,lesbian,transgender,pan sexual,bisexual,emo,terrorist,
murder,rapist,and a kidnapper

Mr. Halghast says:

so how do you drop the little bastard from kicking?


kids can also kick when you place anything cold on the tummy.lol I placed an ice cream and she kicked with both legs aggressively

Ethan Miller says:

Do a video on "top 10 facts on WW1" please

Angela Cortinas says:

I thought this was a video of WHY they kick, not HOW to them kick.

Kiss Kiss says:

My baby loved music so much that I couldn't drive while listening to certain songs because I nearly crashed once while she was having a bit of a party. You could say it scared her but as her mother I can tell you what scared her. Movie theaters. She kicked SO much that I had to get up and leave. I honestly felt like she was in distress of some kind but she calmed the second it was quiet.

pvvt says:

wow great i thought baby kick just when she/he is bored

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