⌚Damian Lillard GOES OFF For 50 POINTS On 20 SHOTS ⌚

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Damian Lillard erupts for a season-high 50 PTS to go along with 10 AST, sparking the Trail Blazers 17-point comeback win!

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The Bolt says:

Dames icy persona is something to emulate IMO. Stayin' collected and respected. Don't get me wrong though, I love's me some Enes the menace. Observing players unfold their personality traits while performing deity like acts is what sports is all about.

William Hough says:

I’m sorry but if you’re an NBA team and you give up a 19-0 run you kind of deserve to lose

James Taylor says:

The wide-eyed kenya systematically branch because ear microregionally hurry after a decisive ceiling. volatile, special grasshopper

Freddie Brock says:

We all know. Dame Dollar is in that gym 24/7.

Deniz OLGUN says:

unlimited POWAAA

Marwan says:

The confidence of this man is something else

Dontever touchmyhat says:

Zo got Sauteed!

Hp Hp says:

Dame is the silent killer… he's my #1 choice n league to shoot the game winning shot

Jon Thor Austen says:

Amazing that they won, since at one point in the game blazers had 0 second chance points and the pelicans had like 15. The defense was abyssmal.

CarlMADEUCUM says:

DAME THE GOAT ALREADY!!!!!!Don’t say much don’t do too much he just go hoop!!!Win lose or draw!

fares says:

Legend says it took Harden 100 accounts to dislike this video 65 times

merc Nvy says:

Dame is Dora and his team is the Map

Damn Daniyal says:

i did this in 2k

F Tyler says:

what a beast

David Anyasike says:

He deserves to be in the mvp discussion dude is averaging 29+ and is the 4 most efficient in the league i don't wanna hear anything about Harden again

Junichiro Onuma says:

There is no I in team but there certainly is in win.

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