Pregnancy Test Prank On My Mother

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FriendlyMeXican says:

Awesome mom! LOL

Star-Lord says:

lol “you’re gonna kill me”
jewish mother

Iareorgasm says:

Wait, he’s 29? It wouldn’t be necessarily such a bad thing if he really did
get a girl pregnant. I would expect this reaction if he was 15 and getting
girls that age pregnant which is usually the case today.

Miles "Tails" Prower says:

Sooooo,let me know how how it worked out with your mother.

Marius Fauru says:

Best part ! You fukin dumm MF :) 😀 Cool moom ! 6:04

hannah wiseman says:

Best prank ever

Angela Yen says:

For those commenting on how his mom talks, shut up. They are two adults
and everyone doesn’t have a cookie cutter Brady Bunch relationship. It
doesn’t mean they don’t love ea h other… grow up and step outside your
white picket fence!!

Alex Rogers says:

Am I the only one who thinks she sounds like Howard’s mother from Big Bang
Theory.. I can be wrong.. XD

Sal Ruiz says:

Best reaction ever

Jonathon Lastname says:

How old is he for her to think he is ruining his life? He looks thirty.

Kittiejulierox33 says:

Lol he said hed delete/erase it

Glen O'Riley says:

Your HOW old living with mum? Funny video though.

lulucecerito16 says:

My brother is 29 and has a wife … my mother is practically BEGGING HIM to
give her grandchildren! LOL

TheStar〈3 says:

language………… and besides he’s 29 he can do whatever he wants

chibilaichi says:

Even though I was thinking, “Oh, that poor mother.” I was still laughing
until it hurt; that was such a great prank!!

Angela Yen says:

Why can’t he have a child at 29? I’m confused. 

julie topkek says:

if i ever yelled at my mom like that, she’d beat my ass with the chancla or
w.e she could find near her. 

Chris Harrison says:

The mother sound like a real B*tch! Wow! What a horrible person she is.
What mother would call their child names?

Kpoole35 says:

She kind of reminds me of the angry grandpa xD

Abdullah Al Haran says:

dont u ever shout at ur mom idiot!! poor mom :( 

Ghosty Bunny says:

” Fucking Dumb Motherfucker” oh man im dying

SleepyDreamer says:

“I don’t know how to read those. They never had that shit when I was
pregnant.” LOL

Firefox14 says:


sunnylovesminecraft says:

Haha lol that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever had seen

kaegic7 says:

Poor guy your mom is a real case eh…we’ll none of us mom’s are perfect
and yea we can get a bit crazy when it comes to our babies…but geez she
is MEAN! Bless your heart hun!

lynn thomas says:

“I dont know to read those. They never had those shit when I was pregnant.”


Laura Reeves says:

She acts like a little kid mother she looks about I dont know 56 and son 25
yah WTF moms

RedBird says:


david murillo says:

your the only whore that lives in this house. dam he actually said it.(3:36

PropogandaMachine PropogandaMachine says:

What a horrible joke to play on that woman She already looks like she has
high blood pressure 

Moussa BERETE says:

This was the funniest prank I ever seen before, lmao. 

AMS says:

she loves him…

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