My Pregnancy Diary – 5 weeks

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mrsmamame says:

Thanks Tomi Marie

mrsmamame says:

Thanks Nikki, yeah we like a big Family here. I feel so emotion with videos
i watch too & feel so much a part of them especially after going through
the exact same thing. Wish you all the best. Take Care!!!

mrsmamame says:

Hi Tina Thanks for commenting, Glad i finally know who you are LOL. Yay for
July, thats not too far away. Hope for you its during school holidays.
Remember there is a great chance your one embie can split especially with
so many twins in the family. Please Keep me updated. All the Best. Take Care

K Lyons says:

Wow that is a big number. I can’t wait to hear how many is in there.
Congrats again. God Bless!

mrscyp says:

Congrats on week five!! Thats a really big number hope nothing but the best
for you and your family:)

mrsmamame says:

Hi Vina. Yeah i could not have asked for a better Kid, his amazing. Dont
feel like i look great but thanks. I’m crossing everything for you. I can
just imagine how you must be going crazy at the moment LOL. One more sleep
then you’ll have lots to celebrate his weekend. Take Care & God Bless.
Thoughts & prayers are with you.

janelle taylor says:

congratulation on week 5 and God bless you and those babies and i can not
wait to see more video

mrsmamame says:

Thanks Jantay

Dervina Derrick says:

Thanks for the update,,I look forward 2 ur next one…ur son seem 2 b a
great kid…U look great…Glad everything is well with u and the baby or
babies…lol Take care vina ps tomorrow is the the big date!

delaneyduo says:

I am so relieved to hear you are doing so awesome! Can’t wait to hear how
many are in there :) Your son is a sweetie….he will make a wonderful big
brother! Hugs, Tomi Marie

mrsmamame says:

Thanks, 2 more sleeps till we find out Yay!!!

nikkiproverbs31 says:

I’m glad that you are doing well. I can’t wait for Tuesday also! I was
telling my husband that I’m just excited for my sisters as if it was me.
I’m with you on Vina, I’ve keep checking my Youtube to see if there’s a new
video from her. LOL! This is waaay too fun!

Tina Taylor says:

Hey, Its Chatabox from our other forum. I am a teacher so loved seeing your
sons card. He is so excited. I got a call from FAA yesterday and there had
been a cancellation on the govt list so we are stating in July instead of
Oct so very excited. Gutted we cant have 2 transfers but if we go private
like you did i will ask. I am a twin and my dh’s father is too so would
love it. I am looking forward to you next update. Tina

mrsmamame says:

Oh My MorningGlory you sooo close now. Please keep me posted & i’ll be
looking out for your Vids as well. Take Care!!

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