My ENTIRE pregnancy journey | Vlog video montage | Milas Journey

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Here is my Pregnancy journey from BFP to Birth. What an amazing journey it was too. I swear it went in the blink of an eye
Watch Milas Infertility/ IVF journey here :
Hi! Im Nicole and I vlog my life through the ups and downs of infertility. After years of clomid and puregon injections We have one son, Roman ( IVF cycle 1, 2010 ) born Aug 2011 and a daughter (IVF cycle 3, 2013 ) born May 2014. Come join our journey!
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Callie leighton says:

I in joyed watching your videos of your kids and you and you husband
IT nice to see a nice and happy family doing thangs together.
me and my partner are just stareding ivf and am hopeing to be blessed with
babys me and
my partner are a samesex couple and wont to have a baby together I have
been with her for 3 a half years
and now we have desided to try for babys IM from the usa but just got
resideny in Australia I am trying to be a citizen
here in Australia I hope all gose well for me and my partner

jamienix13 says:

Aww! So beautiful! I think I’ve lost count on how many of your videos I’ve
cried watching! LOL I’ve loved getting to follow you on your journey.

Sarah Louise says:

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your journey!! <3

Laura Bee says:

Oh geeze I’m emotional as it is lol, beautiful xxx

Kathryn Varlan says:

So beautiful. Had me crying the whole thing 

randv213 says:

That was an amazing video!

Sophiea Garretta says:

Blonde looks great on you hun 

KyleandCourt Hale says:


Bridget andBump says:

*crying* freakin beautiful my dear. Well done. And what a gorgeous wee girl
she is xxx

Journey 2 three says:

Ok u succeeded lol I’m crying my eyes out!!!! Soooo beautiful!!!

Callie leighton says:

don’t stop doing these videos it great to see how all ivf can do for all
people thanks for takeing the time to take about
your experience and all you been through

vm gibson says:

I love me a montage video to music! What a beautiful tribute.. Made me cry!
Now I have to go and watch Romans again..

corylleigh harris says:

Absolutely love this video you are one strong and gorgeous mama love all
your videos though

Jessica Johnston says:


LilymaeAdventures says:

Amazing! <3 

Laavasmom says:

How fabulous!!!! Awesome job!!!

The Yankee Abroad says:

Absolutely loved this video!! 

InsanelyBritton says:


Kendra Roberts says:

Absolutely gorgeous Nicole 

sharyn wright says:

aww made me tear up xx so beautiful Nicole =)

Karen Deverell says:

Aww that was beautiful 

April Annette says:

So sweet!

crazyasswal says:

Just beautiful. It made me cry! 

Bristolbabe79 says:

So good!! 

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