18-23 Week Pregnancy Vlog + Belly Shot! Weight gain, boob talk + appetite!

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Chobani Greek Yogurt: Grocery stores
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✿ My outfit of the day:
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AprilAthena7 says:

Hi friends! Thank you so much for watching! As much as I would like to
reply to some of your comments some of you are not connected with Google+
and I can’t reply to your comments for some reason. 

NaturallyThriftyMom says:

So happy for you! You just look so happy & excited :)

SullenxRiot182 says:

I’m going to have to try the Genie Bra next pregnancy! lol I couldn’t find
ANY bra that was comfortable when I was pregnant with my son.

Holly McKenzie says:

You are so so beautiful April <3 And I love the way Justin compliments you
all the time, it is so sweet :) x

Natalie Mansen says:

You are SO informative! Bless you! You have helped me so much with my third
pregnancy, love it! Thank you April!!

xoxoheartdash says:

Aww April This Brings Back Memories

xAsmir says:

to bright, i cant watch…

joyfulsha says:

That is cool you guys got free labor and delivery classes through your
insurance. Geez we should have check that out. Great tips!
Oh btw, we bought a sleep number bed. Omg! It was the best investment we
ever made. NO more back pain. Just research and think about it.

DessiLovesBeauty says:

That shirt looks great on u

Seth Kohler says:

Scratching does NOT cause stretch marks!! The itching is caused by the
stretching of the skin. Stretch marks are usually genetic so if your mom
has them u will probably get them. Moisturizing and message can help these
are just the facts of pregnancy. It is not from scratching. I wore my ring
on a chain around my neck when I gave birth dont forget to bring it because
it is a milestone you will really want to have your ring with you during
labor. Think about cord blood storage!!

maria CALDERON says:

Hi April snd Justin. Just wanted to say hi. And it’s so funny my 6 year old
gets up and request, hey mama can we watch April and justin”. Its so funny.
Shes a big fan now to. So when I told her I was posting this shes like. Oh
mama is she going to call us. Lol. Much love merry Christmas. 

MassielMancebo says:

Your belly is beautiful! 

jessica nev says:

you look sooo beautiful ,enjoy your pregnancy i goes by sooo fast ,:) 

vivian acosta says:

Your belly is beautiful!

ecano94 says:

You have the cutest belly 😀 

Shannon Professional Aesthetician says:

I had a dummy ring too for that very reason btw ;)

Wendi Phan says:

You sure are a radiant, beautiful pregnant lady! 😀 Hope your baby will
arrive in good health. Happy New Year!

djerenaa says:

Ommggggggg you look amazing and you are so cute!!!

elizabeth Igbinoba says:

The reason u pee a lot is because when someone is pregnant the baby begins
to grow meaning it kind of squishes ur organs like ur bladder meAning less
space in ur bladder

priscillaxoxoxox says:

Man I want to know when I will show that much! I’m 22 weeks and some people
still think I’m just gaining Weight or just a little chubby lol.

Melanie M. says:

Definitely sounds like sciatica. I STILL go through sciatica pains even now
that I’m not pregnant. You sound like you’re doing as much as you can. Hope
you find as much comfort as you can. The candy candy pillow (body pillow
shaped like a candy cane or J) helped me a ton! You’re looking great….and
you are glowing everyday! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Kristin Arrington says:

my skin gets really dry sometimes particularly in the winter and it gets
itchy. i love using the aveeno daily moisture body wash and that st. ives
oatmeal lotion. it really helps calm my skin.

Hint of Makeup says:

I got stretch marks on my lower back from my pregnancy too. I got them all
over my thighs from a growth spurt in my early twenties so I’m full of
strips. I know what you mean about your wedding ring to. I had mines
resized to accommodate the swelling a bit until the last month, then it
wouldn’t fit and I wore it as a necklace. 

Gicel MC says:

You look soo gorgeousss April your hair is fabulous♥♥ 

evachan21 says:

Great progress! Baby boy

Chula93boo says:

U look so cutie with ur baby bump:)

Jessica Chanell says:

Your belly is so pretty! Congrats April !! 

Llyrra Treks says:

I am so so so so so glad to hear that you love your pregnant body. I think
pregnant women are so beautiful and it’s heartbreaking to me to hear when
expectant mothers feel less attractive than before they got pregnant. I
wish we would expand our definition of beauty as a society to include more
bodies: pre-pregnant, pregnant, post-pregnant, young, old, short, tall,
round, thin. Beauty comes in so many different packages.

lavilada says:

I am so happy for you guys, you both will make the greatest parents….I
have learned how to eat healthy and I have lost weight because of your
vid’s….So congrats to you both….and I appreciate you both for
sharing…food, clothes, inspiration vid’s from your hubby channel and I
just love your vlogs….congrats again…..

marie thidell says:

you and justin are going to be AMAZING parents!!! :)

natalia lopez says:

You look beautiful ^_^

misaki covington says:

U are so beautiful when u are prego

Shayla Khang says:

Awe I can’t believe how far you are already. You r so stunning mama!!!

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