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Jus a compilation of belly shots and videos of my belly so far through my pregnancy from 6 weeks on until 27 weeks. As of September 14, 2011 I will be 29 weeks (7 months [More]
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Follow my journey & watch me grow through 40 weeks of Pregnancy! Belly pics from week 3 to week 40.
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Sorry this is A WEEK LATE. I just started recording my 16 week video to realize my 15 week one was just sitting here on the computer. So here it is, and later today: ——- [More]
I am 14 weeks pregnant now and my belly just popped! I thought I might have some time before I started showing, but nope. I weighed in at weight watchers for the last time and [More]
Finally, here is my step by step fondant and decorating video on how to put together a baby bump cake perfect for any baby shower. Decorate as you like. Please feel free to comment and [More]
What does carrying 8 babies look like? The octuplets’ mom (aka Octomom) Nadya Suleman showed how she looked just over a week before giving birth on January 26, 2009. The now infamous “Octo-mom” Nadya [More]
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Denise Austin: Post-Baby Body Abs Workout is an effective low-intensity post pregnancy ab workout that is designed to activate the core, strengthen the back and tone and tighten all of the muscles of the abs [More]
Hello all! Baby boy was born on 7/20 8 lbs 6 oz and 21 in. long. Here’s a vid I just took. My post pregnancy belly went back to pre pregnancy very quickly and no [More]
Another pregnancy music video brought to you by thechipmunck !
Get fit w/ me! See my workouts & more Get a flat stomach after having your baby with these simple ab exercises. Please see your doctor before restarting your workout routine. Eat Like Me [More]
35 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work Visit My Website: (for more info) Here is my second follow up to the Do Your Own Body Wrap Video. You all have requested to see [More]
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watch my belly grow throughout this miraculous journey. We’re finally pregnant with baby #1 (and #2!) through our first In-Vitro round, after years of trying to conceive and struggling through many failed IUI’s. Write me [More]
More free and helpful pregnancy videos here: As a Physical Therapist, Prenatal Massage Instructor and a Certified Educator of Infant Massage, I’d like to show you how you can massage your pregnant belly. I’m [More]
I am now 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant and still no Berkley! I will be sure to update after my Dr. appointment on Wed, Aug 1st (which is two days before my due date). [More] Get your shape back with the post pregnancy bell wraps.
Hey! I am 19 weeks pregnant! In this video I will be talking about my new symptoms, birth options, changing doctors, baby buys and more. Please Comment, Like and/or Subscribe. Thanks so much for watching [More]
Doctor called right after I started uploading this! I am scheduled to be induced Monday October 20th at 7:30pm..and will more than likely will have her on Tuesday the 21st Hopefully she comes before my [More]
Giant Pregnant Bellies 2014 Part 2
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Katie and her partner Scott have their first baby on the way. The pair is eager to be new parents, and feel they are prepared when it comes to parenting. Katie plans to work full-time [More]
Wanna watch my belly grow through my pregnancy??? 13 weeks – 4 days after I gave birth. I gave birth when I was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Lets chat: Music is by [More]
Learn How To Lose Belly Fat 2 – 3 Inches Wthin 10 Days! And You Can To Lose Weight 6 – 12 Pounds Within 7 Days. CLICK HERE : Learn How To Get Rid [More]
A pregnant woman tells where the baby position and shows how big belly she has
Find out how I found out I was pregnant. Symptoms and a belly shot! Starting measurement – 33in 50.2kg = 110.6lbs