Pregnant girl with a ticklish belly button

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It was a nice day so I figured I go out and site see with my camera downtown. A bit of the ways in front of me I see an obnoxious pair of sisters coming my way. I saw that one was pregnant when they got closer. Looking like such a fun loving pair I sad hello to them. They said hello back with smiles and laughter about something they were speaking on before. Seeing that they were pretty open and loud, I made playful comments in the conversation about her belly getting them to laugh and smile. I asked if I could possibly get a picture of her belly and she said sure why not. We found out that she was ticklish in her navel. It was the funniest thing. I, lastly, asked if I could do a recording of her belly before they got on their bus. It was fun to record and funny to watch.

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Angel Shakur says:

She’s just fat lol belly button would be poking out 

Yensi Quioto says:

Uh you don’t need to copy the title

Marakasi Otel says:

Pregnant girl with a ticklish belly button

adude gordoden says:

i think she be more obease then anythin

FatAndPretty4Me says:

her face is a danger zone

Yensi Quioto says:


preggohero says:

+Jdub_26 I think it’s a little too late for that. You got to see her feet
when she was walking though.

Tickle Champ says:

mislabeled.. her navel was not tickled right at all

NATE G. says:

great 2:37

MsJackneil says:

Your a creep

David Chansky says:

Really funny. I would never expect this to be a video

jackson josh says:

OMG I Wanna touch Her belly

Kim Albanese says:

This is luke and will you mary me

Michelle Hannon says:

God damn thats big!!! I’m never letting sperm inside my vagina!!!!

MegaSaya64 says:

not prreggo but nice belly

Shoneshiaepps says:


Mr. Variant says:

She carries herself beautifully

Jennifer Vaughn says:

Nice. The duration of pregnancy is 9months John Johnson.

richy jones says:

she is hot

300poundsplusherbody says:

She’s so cute!

Mimolol Mime says:

I want to touch your belly you are so faty <3

Jdub_26 says:

Could you get her feet too possibly?

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