What is 4D ultrasound scan?

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What is 4D scan or 4D ultrasound? What is the difference between 3D and 4D? Educational video clip about medical ultrasound technology:
2D – is real-time and uni-planar image of the fetus
3D – is still volume, and it is created from multiple 2D pictures of the baby
4D – is moving in real-time 3D image of the fetus


Jasmine Hernandez says:

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Chiloo13 says:

Oh a conspirator… never mind then

Chiloo13 says:

Ultrasound doesn’t involve radiation.

kevin0323 says:

Caffeine in soda, carcinogens in cigarettes, MSGs and artificial sweeteners
in food. All in the name of money. It’s not a conspiracy if it’s actually
happening. Adding things to things has been around for a while. :)

Hameed Hameed says:

very nice.i learn lot of things.

ElvisBabyPodcast says:

great video.

Monkeyshouts says:

Exactly. “4D” is just a commercial name to say we’re not on “still 3D”.
Such confusing system should be banned.

Carlos Rangel says:

Podrían decirme con que aparato (marca) hicieron estos rastreos
ecograficos? me parece un Voluson

argowen says:

because time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so…

ananan199955 says:

سبحان الله

kevin0323 says:

A lot of things have things that are not required but things are added to
things to make money.

milkteagirl2003 says:

سبحان الله،،ماأعظمك يا الله،،، سبحان االله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

Proxy185 says:


Jonathan Taylor says:

“4D”, or as some people like to call it – Video.

kevin0323 says:

Does this give your baby cancer before they are born? That would be good
for the medical industry to make more money.

ultrasoundlink says:

Voluson 730

Turbo Tito says:

Wtf did i watch?

Johnwantswater says:

There is no way of drawing 4D, it is onlt a representation of 3D and 2D

myst snake says:

the correct terms would be 2d image, 3d image, these are flat like a sheet
of paper or a book sitting on a shelf, real-time 3d (i.e 4d) is the 3d
being recorded in real time, i.e as its happening, if you play games they
are working in realtime (unless you have to slow pc), your question about
2d – most likely its because 2d was always just 2d whether a moving pic
like tv or a photograph but 3d was used before the computation power was
available for realtime so they just used another to seperate

Mohamed AlFoley says:

4D means real time 3D

myst snake says:

one technology from the other and relatively increasing costs to hospitals
buying tech and what it costs you for a scan photo from one of them, sooner
or later another ‘name’ will appear that will present a better pic but be
more costly, basically all you need concern yourself about is that later
medical scanner tech is better picture quality

myst snake says:

what a idiot… things in stuff to make them more tolerable and interesting
to palette is not the same as things with no use at all, the scan works
using sound waves much in the same way as a bats echo location except the
image is produced by a computer rather than brain, you might as well blame
the network companies for wireless computer communication for the same
thing as that a similar principle

TheDukeOfBoots says:

Not sure why its called a 4D scan as its a 3D video. Still nice for
expecting parents to see though either way

mwedzi says:

i guess i’m still kind of confused. time is counted as 1 dimension, right?
and that dimension is visible to us as movement, right? but there is also
movement in the ‘2d’, so why is 2d not considered to have time as an
additional dimension?

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ZhaJiangLiu says:

The 4d is 3d + the time dimension, ie it’s real time 3d.

myst snake says:

i’m sure you own no microwave – a radiation product, no vehicles and use no
electricity which causes pollution and kills you, and various other
products that are bad for environment – but thats prob also due to the
medical profession plotting way back….

AzHrE GaMeR says:

سبحان الله الذي خلق الانسان من ماء مهين


Osayi Akhigbe says:

that’s still 3D

sandro beltrami says:



La tecnologia ne inventa ogni giorno una nuova.
Una delle più recenti è l’ecografia in 4D.
Ovvero la scansione quadrimensionale di ciò
che avviene nell’utero di una mamma gravida.
Ne esce un film suggestivo e appassionante
di un essere già perfetto, completo,
vivo e inequivocabilmente umano. 

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