Watch the Baby Grow! Ultrasounds Week by Week During Pregnancy

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Watch the baby grow, week by week during pregnancy, as seen on ultrasound. To learn more, visit or buy “Your Developing Baby” (McGraw-Hill 2008).


xokizza says:

this makes me cry! to see my baby come from something so small yet still
developing now! im 19.5 weeks awwe soo amazing i love life!

Mariusz Zielezny says:

watch the Baby Grow ! Amazing

Justine Ranis says:

Makes me cry ;(

Dee Batie says:

this video helped me thanks, and if that was your baby it’s so adorable <3

Deysi Chavez says:

I love the victory smile at the end of 40 weeks! So adorable! As if he was
saying “yes! I made it!”

MommyAlex Thayer says:

That last one just melts my heart :)

EvangeliaEIC says:

9 WEEKS <3

KendrixTermina says:

Ah. I remember when I first saw my youngest sister on an ultrasound – She
was the size of a bean and you could barely make out which end was the head
(I assume the marginally larger one), and now, she will te turning five in

The Singing Patriot says:

Thank You for Sharing This! God Bless!


CB and Peter – That ROCKS !!!

hawtmomma1 says:

What a awesome video :-)

wickedlokz956 says:

My 1st pregnancy im waching this is amazing

wendyrobins60 says:

I love it

nephorafuls says:

wow 15 weeks what a snuggler. 36 weeks u can see the eyes blinking wow crazy

SHayla Alana says:

So sweet

RainbowLuvShack says:

happy mothers day,great video

Shawnte Berry says:

I’m almost 5 weeks

hanshine heartstone says:


Ashwani Kataray says:

very good video

Tiff Liranzo says:

my favorite pic 3:10 ! so cute! <3

dyamond124 says:

Great video!

Vanessa Lynn says:

At 40 weeks the baby was smiling in the ultrasound! Soooo cute!

papa jay r says:

awwww cute little one, i love this vid, i love the 9 weeks, it looks cute ..

moriahkayyy says:

I love looking at this every week to see where my baby is at. Makes me
smile ear to ear. <3

keboganjen says:

i love 6-7 weeks USG

aHqUiReH says:

So cute.. im excited to see my baby.. 😉

Sarah Christine says:

This is seriously really cool!! I wish I would have seen this earlier on in
my pregnancy!

MsHelloWorldtv says:

Too cute

Molly LaVixen says:

aweee so freaking cute >.< I <3 the last one (40 weeks] ADORABLE!

Leonardo lopes says:

I LOVE this video this is the best one ive seen

Aimee Goc says:

This is wonderfully beautiful.

aasivaa75 says:


Sugunah sugunah says:

Lovely..♥♥♥Wonderfull gift from god..

Rachel Kent says:

This is such a lovely video x

Irissabella says:

great video! i’m 18 weeks today with my first child =) yay

Greatusername44 says:

This is so amazing!!

rukmani ch says:

i love this video

Bidya Lakshmi says:

Oo my god so cute 3

Eitak border says:

how did i get here 0.o beautiful though wish they would show these in
health class [these types of video’s]

Donald Williams says:

that wuz so kewl.

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