Ultrasound Video- Part One, 12 Weeks & 2 Days… It’s a girl! 10/15/12

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Todd Malvin says:

Ah yes she will make a fine semen dumpster one day n.n

KottonKandy17 says:

This is soooooo sweet!!! I would like to know the name/artist to both
songs. I go to my next u/s a week from today & I’ll be 12 weeks on the
nose. So so so excited! I’m going to try to remember to ask my technician
about the nub theory.

hằng nguyễn says:

The 2nd song is twinkle twinkle little star- Jewel Kilcher. Direct link:
http://www.jango.com/music/Jewel?l=0 . My baby is nearly 11 wks now. So
happy! It’s most wonderful journey ever!

MuseDisorder says:

today I am week 12 and 0 days. this video is so sweet it made me cry my
eyes out. lol and the chosen songs, forget about it, i didn’t last 45
seconds lol i broke down like a baby!

Lauren Bonvillian says:

How sweet!! (: Not trying to be rude. But, you can’t tell that early if
it’s a boy or a girl because the boys testes don’t “drop” until about 13
weeks gestation. It’s best to tell between 16-20 weeks. 

Dollah Stacks says:

This made me cry with pure joy, I’m so excited yet scared too, but this
video and song attached had me in a bowl of tears smh! Thank you! For

Ravi Jain says:

JANELLE- Chris Janz

Jacqueline Veltman says:

Can someone tell me who is the singer of the 2nd song. I love it! 

BooBoo Bizarre says:

Made me cry my eyes out. Damn hormones. Can’t wait till mine. Congrats x

Elizabeth Schmidt says:

I am 12 weeks, and I can’t wait to see if I will name her Grace or if its a
he, Aidan. 

Sally Peña says:

My ultrasound its January 10th i hope they can see the baby sex. I will be
12 weeks that day

Michailla Bonds says:

i go tomorrow for a scan!!! I will be 12w 5d!!!

14sareylou says:

Beautiful!!! I’m going for my 12 week scan in a few days! This just made me
so excited! Thanks for sharing! 

Crystal Ornelas says:

This makes me cry:’) of joy ofcourse im going for my 12 week scan tomorrow
yaaay im so excited!

kia1983 says:

My 12 week scan is on December 17 :-)

livelonglovemuch says:

Great video xxx great music xxx what’s the name of the song and singer???
I’m Ivf pregnant and have had a lot of scans already but 12 week scan is
tues :-) two days before my birthday x 

Elena Buckley-Robins says:

congratulation all :) this was a lovely video :) 

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