ultrasound at 18 weeks, surprise! its twins!

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Special thanks to our sonographer Lance Dursi at scanbabies.com. We had no idea we were having twins prior to this scan. Surprise! Be sure to listen to the audio to hear our reactions!


Aleksandra Carter says:

How nice to hear how happy the dad is! More excited than the mummy! My
husband would go crazy hehe 

Anett Gál says:

Congrats! Can I ask why didn”t you know they are twins? You didn’t have an
ultrasound before this?

Sharonda Johnson says:

Dad is in SHOCK!!!

Samantha Correia says:

This video is amazing :) congrats you guys 

Pso Phly says:

best reactions I’ve seen!!!!! AWSOME AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

DreamDeeply37 says:

I LOVE how excited the dad is.

Catrina Shepherd says:

Looks like 2 boys.

Stephaniie Starr says:


poppyshoessp says:



Great reaction from daddy! 

DitDitDah says:

The ultrasound tech sounds like a great guy.

Tina Furlotte says:

The dad cracks me up lol

Michelle C. says:

Love, love, love this dad’s excitement!!! And when he giggles when the
babies move, that’s just priceless!!

joehootin2 says:

Great footage of your twins ultrasound. Would you be interested in giving
us permission to use this video in a tv show? We would remove any
identifying information. Thanks.

Alexandra Karlsson says:


MISSY K says:

This is so sweet ! The dads reaction is lovely. 

Odetta Berg says:

HAHA Dad’s reactions was SO CUTE! lo Congrats

NikkiMarvin says:

Wow!! This is amazing!!! 

PearlRose411 says:

Its such a beautiful thing to hear how excited the daddy is <3

MrsNelita says:

Great video!!!! And an awesome sonographer!!!

brianda taveras says:

I hope to hear this in two weeks

la dama michoacana says:

Did u had scans before and showed only one or this was the first

MrsCarebear says:

Daddy’s reaction is priceless!!

Chante Moody says:

LOL, the dad is so excited. Cute! :)

Marcela Vel says:

“Are they…conjoined, oh my god!” Haha!

Rebekah Lee says:

Awwwww the daddy’s reaction is absolutely priceless! God bless you both! <3

brianda taveras says:

oooh my God what i luck..

Nefertti W. says:

The father sounds so Psyched! I love it!

ksude says:

This dad’s response makes this video so fun to watch! The sonographer seems
to have a great personality too and is enjoying their shock. Congrats to
this family! What an enjoyable surprise!

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