Twin Ultrasound

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Erin Farias says:

2 boys!

Erin Farias says:

The tech was super nice and awesome- she has a set of twins a month older
than my boys:)
Just saw her again today.

Myles Goldsmith says:

And you rock so happy for you and you husbund

Myles Goldsmith says:

Your a great mom

Laura Blair says:

Why are people disliking this video? Congratulations, mom and dad!!

Briana Conrad says:

Yay for twins! I’m a twin, my family think my husband and I are going to
have twins

Leah Mangan says:

That feeling when you see someone else happy it just makes you feel happy
for them congratulations sorry rhe comment is 2 years late but I only seen
it now

A Martinez says:

Great, great reaction from both parents. We just had our first ultrasound
and it is just awesome. 

Delpha Clarke says:

Awww how sweet I’m a identical twin, it’s a gift from God. My twin sister
and I are best friends. I pray whenever I have kids I have twins. 

Mich A says:

That ultrasound lady was a bitch! Geez let them be excited for a second, my
goodness! That lady needs to change her job she has no patience or

jazzel suyom says:

u know what? i also feel the same feelings u feel that moment when i found
out that im ganna have twins.. congrats more blessings to come

jazzel suyom says:

can i ask if how can we know if their fraternal and identical?

AliJaeJR says:

What’s on your wrist..are they for morning sickness?

Lisa S says:

Awww, such a happy sweet moment. Thanks for sharing it. It made me tear up

Annabell Benitez says:

Two lol sac its clear as day

Turner Clan says:

pure joy I LOVE IT!

Javier Quintana says:

Mnnnmm where is the reader thing. dr pissing her off

onehoneybear says:

So happy for your family and the wonderful blessings God has given to you.

Erica Duda says:

Wow that Ultrasound tech needs to settle down. You just received the
biggest surprise, she could’ve let you celebrate for a half a second! Calm
it woman!

Dechomai says:

They look like anti-nausea acupressure bracelets. They actually work quite
well for most people.

Danielle Fernandez says:

How exciting!!!!!

Victor Perry says:

What’s it like when it kicks and moves

butterflysweetie09 says:

did you have dreams or did you have a feeling you were having twins

EchoSiriusRumme says:

This was so beautiful, I am incredibly happy for you!

Don't worry Be Happy says:

Aw congrats. I almost cried. Are they identical?

lucianaf11976 says:


TheDaccaDez says:

aw so cute :)

Jerry Vargas says:

My mom was like that last month i me n her was in the room both of us n i
see to babies n yup it was twins my mom is 14 weeks

ThePokerfacemama says:

I am 14 weeks and my ultrasound tech told me the heartrate was 160. Both
your twin in the video had higher heart rates (I think in the 150s). There
is an old wives tale that the higher the heart rate the higher the chance
of it being a boy. Heart rates range from 120-160. Hoping I am having a boy
as my son wants a brother so bad. Either way I’m happy as long as its
healthy. Good luck with your boys.

Londonerizee says:

Oooh ok thanks Darcie!!

ShlebbyBoring says:

Sometimes techs aren’t allowed to say anything. If their boss tells them to
withdraw all information, it would cost them their job to divulge anything.

Merry Joy Hayes says:

Yay! So exciting!

sazhumyan is king says:


Kaleena Wilson says:

nausea bands on her wrists

spylman says:

LOVE!!!! I’m all teary-eyed!

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