The 3d 4d Ultrasound Experience at Goldenview Ultrasound Chicago, Boston,NYC &San Antonio

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View a family experience the miracle of 3d/4d ultrasound at GoldenView Ultrasound. See amazing 3d images ( before ) compared to newborn photos (after) and see different 3d images of various gestational ages.


Viviana Correa says:

divino angel de Dios … creación pura y hermosaaa

Marvel_mercedes says:

If it weren’t for God i’m not sure what this world would be like. I love
God, thankyou for creating wonderful beings

monique terrell says:

beautiful this is exactly how I get my ultrasounds done of my baby in
4d real time
its a high risk pregnancy and I love to see her progressing 

Treasure Wallace says:


mbabe douglas says:

Truly amazing gift of technology. beautiful sight to see…very emotive.

Stefanie Martínez says:

So cute!!!! 

marilyn bolonia says:

only if i can go there


bello <3

nidaldy aldi says:


GoldenViewUltrasound says:

Thanks so much for the comment. If you or anyone you know is expecting and
are near Chicago, Boston, New York City or San Antonio, come see us for a
3d/4d Ultrasound.

Jehbutterflypurple says:

muito lindo!

Tita Nyambi says:

looks like the dad

kelly d says:

thats coz there dif babies

haiiyaa says:

After 7 days of trying we got one on the way. Didn’t need any advice on
increasing fertility

Taila Roberta De Lima Costa Silva says:

muito legal, adorei!!!! very nice, I love!!!

guatestev says:

El milagro de la vida

Luana Barricelli says:

jat a faticà!!

Ariana Robles says:

QUE FELICIDAD!!!!!!! Hermoso.

Giovana Lobo says:

Vou fazer a 4D , mas não agora pq meu bebê deve estar muito esquisitinho KK
, vou fazer com 30 semanas =D

GoldenViewUltrasound says:

gracias por mirar nuestro video y gracias for tu cemmentarios

GoldenViewUltrasound says:

To make an appointment we will need Proof that your being seen by a doctor,
this can be a prescription, or a ultrasound or even an appointment card.
Anything that shows proof of rrenatal care. Hope this helps :)

Paul Moldoveanu says:

amazing…waw…spero che anche mia figlia sia bella come mi risulta nelle
foto in 3D quando aveva 23 settimane.adesso ne ha 28, spero che mi vada
bene.congratulations for doctors, and the mother. e la
tecnologia,grandi ricercatori ed scentiati.

Elza Nacaya says:

Very Very beautiful, wonderful job that!!

anders serrano says:

whtas the name of that music, can you tell me please.

david k phat says:

Can u feel the love dumbass

Krissy Jones says:

I had gotten a 3d ultra sound and it was nothing like this,…not as clear

Ariana Robles says:

QUE FELICIDAD!!!!!! Hermoso.

GoldenViewUltrasound says:

Thank you. Babies are a special blessing and we are so lucky to be in the
ultrasound business. If you are ever expecting we hope that you will visit
us at Goldenview Ultrasound

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